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Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'


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book Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'

Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 21 May 2017 - 20:49

18 Apr 2010, 22:56

The Civil Court of Lisbon ruled to withdraw the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie" about the Madeleine McCann case. The book was written by Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police Inspector who coordinated the investigation into the disappearance of the British girl. Amaral is forbidden to publicly defend the thesis that the parents were behind her accidental death and the subsequent concealment of the corpse. The former inspector has said that he will not be silenced.

Madeleine McCann: The Forbidden Investigation
Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie' L%27Enquete_Interdite
The French title of Gonçalo Amaral's book, "A Verdade da Mentira," is, "Maddie: L'Enquête Interdite," The Forbidden Investigation.

Gonçalo Amaral: "I will not be silenced!"

Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie' Ameral_180x250_537760a

This 'censored-in-UK' book by Gonçalo Amaral has been translated into English by AnnaEsse and reproduced here to help increase the chances of it being read by people in the UK:

Table of Contents:

Madeleine McCann: The Forbidden Investigation

Foreword - 'The forbidden investigation'
Certainly, this book responds to the need I felt to defend myself, having been discredited by the institution for which I worked for more than twenty-six years, without being given any chance to explain myself, publicly or within the institution itself. I made the request several times, but it was never heard. I, therefore, scrupulously respected the rules of the police judiciaire and I refrained from making any comment. But this goes without saying: I experienced that silence to which I was constrained as an attack on my dignity. Later, I was removed from the investigation. It was then that I understood that it was time to speak. To do that, I requested early retirement in order to be able to express myself freely.

However, the purpose of this work is more important: to contribute to finding the truth so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the "Maddie case." Truth and justice are two values strongly anchored within me, which reflect my profound beliefs: they always guided the work I did for the institution to which I am proud to have belonged. Even in retirement, they continue to inspire me and to be present in my life.

In no way does this text seek to challenge the work of my colleagues in the police judiciaire or to compromise the ongoing investigation. I am convinced that the disclosure of all the facts may, in the present case, result in harming the investigation. However, the reader will have access to unpublished information, to new interpretations of events - always with respect for the law - and, of course, to relevant enquiries.

The only objective of a criminal investigation is the search for truth. There is no place for the "politically correct."

Click on links to read each chapter - hold down shift to force link to open in new window.

Chapter 1   Precipitation? Certainly not.
Chapter 2 Madeleine Beth McCann's holiday
Chapter 3 Announcement of a disappearance
Chapter 4 The real victim is the missing child
Chapter 5 The days that followed
Chapter 6 The arrival of the English police
Chapter 7 Suspicious behaviour and contradictions
Chapter 8 A man with a child in his arms
Chapter 9 Majorca, September 2005
Chapter 10 Rethinking the facts
Chapter 11 Analysis of a crime scene, apartment 5A
Chapter 12 A rather weak monitoring system
Chapter 13 Contradictions or clues
Chapter 14 Madeleine's parents call attention to her death
Chapter 15 Memory of a crime
Chapter 16 The hypothesis of death is considered
Chapter 17 In the McCanns' bedroom
Chapter 18 Preparation for the interrogations
Chapter 19 Towards placing the McCann couple under investigation
Chapter 20 An Irish family in a state of shock
Chapter 21 The removal of the coordinator of an investigation. Conspiracy or servilism?
Chapter 22 At the Ria de Alvor, one year later, looking at the past with confidence in the future.

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book Re: Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'

Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 21 May 2017 - 20:54

28 Jul 2015, 13:07

Fresh claims in the news today report:

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have contacted authorities in Australia following the discovery of a girl's remains in a suitcase, Scotland Yard has said.

The remains of a girl, aged between two and four, were found next to a motorway near Adelaide earlier this month.

The Met said it was "aware of reports" and had made contact with authorities.

Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said there was "no evidence" the body was Madeleine's.

Madeleine was aged three when she went missing from her family's holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, in Portugal's Algarve, in May 2007.

Reports in Australia suggest the decomposed body was that of a young girl - believed to be fair-haired - who was killed at least as long ago as 2007.

The remains were discovered in a suitcase next to a remote motorway in Wynarka, in South Australia, earlier this month, local police said.

'Purely speculating'

Australian authorities have so far been unable to identify the girl.

However, Mr Stevens told a parliamentary estimates committee hearing: "There is absolutely no evidence at this point in time that the child is Madeleine McCann.

"To suggest something like that at this point in time would purely be speculating to get attention.

"We are focusing our inquiries on South Australia but we would be considering any potential missing child.

"Until we ascertain the identity of the child we need to be open to all possibilities."

Last year, detectives from London flew to the Algarve to assist with searching scrubland near the resort where Madeleine disappeared. They did not uncover any evidence.

Portuguese police questioned 11 people as part of their investigation.

The Met's Operation Grange was set up in 2011 after Prime Minister David Cameron asked the force to "bring their expertise" to the inquiry following a request from Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine's parents, who are from Rothley, Leicestershire.

Meanwhile, Goncalo Amaral (the now retired detective who initially worked on the case in Portugal - and who has since written a second book) is reported to have earned loadsa money from his first book, which told 'his version' of the investigation.
An article in the Daily Mail had as its headline:
'Former Madeleine McCann police chief ‘earned hundreds of thousands from writing distortions and conspiracy theories’ in book about case'

   Ex officer 'earned £344k' from book and TV show about the Madeleine case
   Goncalo Amaral, 56, wrote 'lies' about the case, a Lisbon court heard
   McCanns are suing Mr Amaral for £1m over his book The Truth Of The Lie

You can read the full article   arrow    HERE

So, who and what do you believe?  Neutral   Will the real truth of the matter ever be proven?

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book Re: Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'

Post by Misty Sun 21 May 2017 - 21:02

29 Jul 2015, 11:25

I was going to say the remains in the suitcase could belong to anyone.  Why are they thinking maybe Maddie?

Then I read this in today's news :  confirming that it is not her.

Madeleine McCann has been “totally excluded” as a potential victim after a young girl’s remains were found in a suitcase in Australia.

South Australia police said they had ruled out 43 missing children in connection to the discovery next to a remote motorway in Wynarka near Adelaide on 15 July.

DS Des Bray said: “I can confirm that Madeleine McCann has been totally excluded as a potential victim and UK police have been advised.”

The Metropolitan police have previously said they were aware of reports that a child’s remains had been found and had contacted Australian authorities.

Candlelight.kk wrote:So, who and what do you believe?    Neutral   Will the real truth of the matter ever be proven?
I don't know if the real truth will ever come out.  There's a lot of money flying around from the campaigns, money to pay for lawyers, witnesses to speak, or to keep quiet.  The book is very methodical, recording facts as they happen.  It looks like the truth to me.  I don't see where any "lies"and "conspiracies" might be involved there.  question
But where the McCanns and their friends are concerned, there is a lot to be suspicious about and a lot of things that dont add up.  The whole thing stinks and money talks!    hmm

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book Re: Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'

Post by Stardust Sun 21 May 2017 - 21:04

29 Jul 2015, 21:33

All we can hope is that the poor child didn't suffer too long and wasn't abused. Poor Madeleine, whatever happened someone stole her life away (whether or not she's alive today) and she deserves the truth to be known. I doubt very much that she's still alive after all this time and it's so sad, she hardly had a chance to start living. I haven't read the book but the parents should never have left their children alone in that holiday flat. Will someone finally speak up? Not likely if they haven't so far.

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book Re: Madeleine McCann: 'The Truth of the Lie'

Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 21 May 2017 - 21:08

22 Mar 2017, 01:42

'McCann’s “frivolity” complaint rejected. Gonçalo Amaral’s ‘libel win’ confirmed for 3rd time'

Source Portugal Resident  
21 March 2017

This may be the end of the line for the long-running civil case taken out by the parents of Madeleine McCann to ‘silence’ their bête-noir, former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral.

After all the hullaballoo and recriminations filling UK tabloids, Supreme court judge Dr Jorge Manuel Roque Nogueira has rejected the complaint lodged by Kate and Gerry McCann over what they considered a frivolous decision by fellow judges to uphold Gonçalo Amaral’s right to freedom of expression, sanctioning the intrinsic legality of his damning thesis ‘Maddie: the Truth of the Lie’.

Roque Nogueira’s decision, taken earlier today and published in PDF format online, means that Amaral has won the case for the third and possibly final time.

There is no higher court in Portugal to which the McCanns can take this fight - and the grounds for appeal to the European Court of Human Rights are “highly dubious”, said a source, particularly as Supreme Court judges referred to tenets set out by the ECHR in their 75-page deliberation.

For Amaral who has remained silent through this last tense stand-off over the Supreme Court ruling in January, the decision today means that finally his assets and property should be ‘unfrozen’, allowing him to return to the full control of his life.

As blogwriter Joana Morais has commented, Roque Nogueira’s decision came “sooner than we expected” and was “no doubt due to the weaknesses of the reasoning presented in the request for annulment of the Supreme Court’s ruling”.

For now, there has been no reaction from either the McCanns in UK, or their Portuguese legal team over here.

UK tabloids appear not yet to have the news.

More on this story: 

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