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What does 'The Truth' Campaign really stand for?


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What does 'The Truth' Campaign really stand for? Empty What does 'The Truth' Campaign really stand for?

Post by Candlelight.kk Sat 9 Jun 2018 - 15:10

A post in the Wallacia Development Centre Facebook site, dated 4th June 2018, asks this question.
What does the Truth Campaign really stand for?

Wallacia, of course, being the Australian set-up managed and controlled by Gary Mannion, one must not dismiss the likelihood that there is an agenda behind the question ... 

However, it's a question that I think many folk in the field of Mediumship/Spiritualism have been wondering about since the campaign's introduction.  
The Truth campaign presentation is detailed here:

It is not clear who the individual author of the post is(?) - definitely NOT Gary's style of writing - possibly Inge Crossman(?)  [Feel free to correct/enlighten - anyone]
Whoever it may be, IMO the post does contain some relevant points and raises questions that I think many others would like answered - not least (considering the length of time that has elapsed since introduction of the Campaign was first made known to us through Psychic News) - this point: “So far, not a single medium has submitted to such a test”.

Said post, I believe, was directed in the main as a question for Roy Stemman, editor of Psychic News, and he has made some replies in the Comments area, though in my view those replies do not really make things any clearer when looking at séances and Mediumship on the whole.

My question is Has the Truth Campaign had any effect at all concerning physical mediumship, and is anyone really taking any notice of the proposed restrictions/requirements the campaign suggests?
And I basically ask the same question:  What does the Truth Campaign stand for? (I omit the word 'really' from my question as it implies an agenda, perhaps on the part of the Banyan Retreat ...) - something else that can't be dismissed outright.  schtum  

Wallacia Development Centre
4 June at 06:11 ·

What does the Truth Campaign really stand for?
Published in Psychic news [PN] - “Our campaign has been largely effective.”
From what I have seen, the only visible outcome from this so-called truth campaign is that there are very few physical mediums who now demonstrate publicly in the UK. How effective is this campaign when the Editor states in PN (two years after the truth campaign was started) “So far, not a single medium has submitted to such a test”. In fact, one of the still demonstrating mediums has been tested on several occasions by the self-nominated ‘test centres’ with all tests producing negative results (twice tested as recently as the last 18months). That ‘tested’ medium still currently works within the system and as the PN editor stated, “he is still able to offer his services, and those who engage him or attend his seances are blissfully unaware that he has failed to demonstrate physical mediumship under test conditions”.
When I enquired about the protocols used by these testing centres for that one and only medium that was tested, the response was “its secret”. Interesting, but not very transparent.
The editor states “Centres continue to offer thermal imaging testing [under the truth campaign] of physical mediums wishing to receive their seal of approval”. Yet, when that afore mentioned medium was tested, I was informed that at one of the testing centres there was no thermal camera in their possession and only a few sitters present as 'validators'.
Roy continues to say: “ … in doing so,(thermal imaging) genuine PM’s will be able to produce video proof of their abilities”. It has been reported that with past and current physical mediums, spirit may stand them up or walk them around the room during séance. Thermal imaging would then be unreliable, because it could create a false fraudulent accusation.
Another point I wish to bring forward which was published by the PN editor re the truth campaign: “…a test that examines the abilities of PM’s and confirms they are not responsible for the phenomena produced has been supported by Spiritualists and mediums around the world”. As some of these mediums include well-known physical mediums, I question as to why they themselves will not submit to the testing, that they openly support to be used on others. These non-tested mediums are still allowed to hold public seances, even in those Truth Campaign test centres, while spiritualist churches are ‘strongly discouraged” in hosting non-tested PMs? Why not one rule for all I wonder.
The PN editor wrote that the Wallacia development centre’s comment about them meeting all criteria of the Truth Campaign via SNU in the testing of a physical medium “is a blatant lie”. And “… the whole point of the Truth Campaign is independent assessment.” In fact, not only has that medium received the ‘seal of approval’ from the Australian SNU president, some SNU tutors and other representatives, we also hosted 14 highly experienced independent assessors, used a thermal imaging camera for recording and a scientist provided and used other equipment in our first official test seance in October 2017.(NP, you weren’t there, regardless how often you claim you were). The raw data is with the scientists and paranormal investigators until such time permission is given on the release of this data to the public by the spirit workers. Scientific research testing by scientists using scientific methods, protocols and multiple devices has taken place here frequently since the first test seance. Also visual observations by all sitters of strong physical phenomena being produced in bright red/blue/white light, including extrusion of ectoplasm out of multiple orifices at once has taken place here. Stringent pre-séance protocols are always applied in all seances, with all mediums: Two different independent sitters for each task to check: the room, the medium, the home circle, to restrain the medium, every independent sitter is also checked, and metal detected. Once in the room, no-one leaves. Before leaving the room after the séance, independent sitters are requested to check the ties before they are cut, check the medium, the room and all home circle members.
I guess at least in Australia we have and follow a concrete plan, protocol and have true experts to work with. No, thank you Roy Stemman, but we do not need your approval or the questionable truth campaign over here.

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What does 'The Truth' Campaign really stand for? Empty Re: What does 'The Truth' Campaign really stand for?

Post by JDBP Sat 9 Jun 2018 - 16:46

Whenever I read things about mediums coming up with testing scenarios etc, I always think how ridiculous it all is.

It is like people arguing how best to measure the length of a Unicorn horn, or the height of a bigfoot.

Not a single claim in the history of all kinds of mediumship/psychics etc has ever been proven, not a single thing. Yet people are seemingly having serious discussions on how best to describe the most ridiculous of all psychic/mediumship claims

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