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The Ghost Inside My Child


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Video/Documentary The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st May 2017, 13:12

14 Jan 2016, 23:14

A new series of the documentaries, 'The Ghost Inside My Child' starts on TV tonight:

(Episode 1 of 9)
Pilot - A Soldier and a Screenwriter - New series.

Documentary series featuring children who appear to be a reincarnation of someone else, such as two-year-old Hollywood-obsessed Eric who would wake up screaming from a horrific dream about being crushed to death. Meanwhile, toddler Elijah took cover whenever he heard loud noises as though he were a soldier in combat and in a turn of events, suddenly began speaking German


Many episodes of the previous series of 'The Ghost In My Child' are available to watch on YouTube:
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Curious on 21st May 2017, 13:14

16 Jan 2016, 11:30

For those of us that believe in an afterlife, this is a real possibility.
Seasoned Poster
Seasoned Poster

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Misty on 21st May 2017, 13:17

17 Jan 2016, 16:15

Its strange how both of these kids were about 3 years old when they first started talking about things they 'knew about before' and talking with imaginary friends that other people couldnt see. And the little girl Jada started saying at 3 years old that she was very happy that she picked her parents to be her Mommy and Daddy, saying she watched them for a while in heaven and decided to choose them --- and then the other things that happened as she grew older.

[video no longer available]
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Curious on 21st May 2017, 13:19

20 Jan 2016, 04:37

I've looked at some of these stories on You Tube, I didn't realize there were so many children with past life memories. My son never told me anything, yet when my mother was dying, my deceased grandmother was there to meet her, my mother would have conversations in front of me with her, one of the things my grandmother told her was that my son used to be her son. I also have a daughter, anyway up to then I never gave re-incarnation a thought. I have read where we do choose our parents and a broad outline of our lives for our Souls growth. In any case that programme should be informative.

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st May 2017, 13:26

20 Jan 2016, 12:50

The programme is indeed informative.  These are all documented stories which have apparently been investigated and checked out thoroughly by various outide relevant authoritative sources.  I imagine there must be plenty more similar accounts which we never get to hear about.

Some of the stories we do hear about, however, have been found to have been 'added to', exaggerated, tricks of the mind/imagination, hallucinatory drugs involved - or even, in some cases, just created for publicity and monetary gain.  For instance, as with the case of the one-time 'best-seller' book 'The Boy Who Went To Heaven'.  (I know this was not necessarily about reincarnation, but a seemingly authentic story of a 'near-death experience' - but does show how people can be taken in en masse).  This book was selling like wildfire and being discussed enthusiastically all over the world.  Turns out that the whole thing was just an elaborate hoax, instigated by the little lad's father, Kevin, who "co-wrote" the book - on the advice of a reporter/agent for some Christian evangelist organisation ...

FILE - In this Jan. 9, 2009 file photo, Beth Malarkey, left, covers up her son, Alex, right, with a blanket after surgery as Alex's father, Kevin, watches at University Hospital's Case Western Reserve Medical Center in Cleveland. Alex Malarkey was in a 2004 car crash left him paralyzed below the neck and was receiving an artificial breathing device. Spokesman Todd Starowitz of Tyndale House, a leading Christian publisher, confirmed Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, that Alex Malarkeys The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life Beyond This World was being withdrawn. Earlier this week, Alex Malarkey acknowledged in an open letter that he was lying, saying that he had been seeking attention. The book was first published in 2010. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

Kevin Malarkey got his book deal by late 2009. The publisher would be Tyndale House, a major Christian publishing company with annual revenues of about $175m. Tyndale publishes a popular version of the Bible (the New Living Translation, with some 26m sold) and the Left Behind series (about 63m copies). And like every Christian publisher, Tyndale was aware of the public appetite for been-to-heaven-and-back stories. Popular accounts of near-death experiences have been commercial bestsellers since at least 1975

The boy's mother actually tried over a long period of time to deny the authenticity of the story in the book, but was totally ignored by those who were making loads of money out of it (at the same time spreading the 'Christian' message) - ignored also (it seems) by the readers of the book, who wanted to believe that it was all true.

Read more - from The Guardian:
'The boy who didn't come back from heaven: inside a bestseller's 'deception'

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st May 2017, 13:29

20 Jan 2016, 13:34

Curious wrote:
when my mother was dying, my deceased grandmother was there to meet her, my mother would have conversations in front of me with her, one of the things my grandmother told her was that my son used to be her son.

How did your mother take that, Curious - or you, for that matter? There are many aspects of the notion of 'reincarnation' that I find hard to swallow. I accept wholeheartedly that when we pass over, the spirit or spirits of another(others) who is/are already deceased do come closer to greet us and help us through our transition. I believe this - indeed know this, because I have experienced, first-hand, on numerous occasions the dying person who in front of me has spoken to various passed-over members, speaking to them by name. The person who is dying has not been in any way 'afraid' on those occasions, but taken it all very matter-of-fact - invariably with a radiant smile of pure wonder and happiness on their faces, and sometimes speaking coherently where for some time previously they have been unable to do so. On some occasions they have said that the person that visited them said they would 'come back again tomorrow' - and that 'tomorrow' was the day they died. I know, for a fact, that both my mother and father will be there to greet me when my time comes - because my deceased mother has told me this herself, as well as passing this specific message on to me through a number of mediums on different occasions. All of this I can accept - not just as a belief, but as a knowing, because it has been shown to me personally.

However, if my mother (or anyone else) were to tell me that my son used to be my grandmother's son (which would also make him my father confused ), I would have a hellova time accepting and dealing with that!
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Curious on 21st May 2017, 13:31

20 Jan 2016, 22:38

My mother at the end wasn't always lucid, neither of us knew what to think when my grandmother said that, we never discussed it, there was so much more to talk about at the time. I find aspects of re-incarnation difficult to believe, but how to explain these children for example? There was so much of what my grandmother told us but that is off topic for this thread.
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Curious on 21st May 2017, 13:32

20 Jan 2016, 23:51

I don't see where I can edit my last post, when my grandmother said my son used to be hers, that would make him my uncle not my father.

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st May 2017, 13:35

21 Jan 2016, 00:02

Curious wrote:
how to explain these children for example?
Yes, it certainly gives us something to think about - and question ....

Curious wrote:
There was so much of what my grandmother told us but that is off topic for this thread.
I would love to hear more ... if it's not too personal for you, of course. Perhaps, if you feel able and willing to share, you might tell us some more in a separate topic(?)

PS: Before submitting this, I have just seen your above post.
Yes - took me a while to work it out, but I got there in the end.  very happy
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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Stardust on 21st May 2017, 13:37

08 Nov 2016, 23:10

This whole subject is very intriguing.
Of course it only takes one proven hoax to cast doubt on all the other cases reported.

A gentle whisper like the breeze sighing, so easy to miss, listen carefully...

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Video/Documentary Re: The Ghost Inside My Child

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st May 2017, 16:09

25 Mar 2017, 18:01

Children of all ages who claim they remember previous lives are quite common - and hundreds of these accounts have been scientifically documented, researched and studied, both in the United States and abroad since the 1950s.

The Ghost Inside My Child features stories from children who have vivid memories that belong to other people and spotlights their families, who want to figure out what it all means. Some stories include a girl who remembers being inside the Empire State Building when a plane crashed into it, a boy who remembers a tragic fall that ended his prior life, and a boy who details memories of a tribal rite of passage.

View further episodes of The Ghost Inside My Child:

The Perfect Aim and Killed By The Flame
A young girl recalls being killed when her sister pushed her into a fire; a boy describes intense nightmares of war and recalls being a Russian sniper.

Family Drama And Military (Trauma?)
A boy begins acting like an uncle who died five years before he was born; a boy shares memories of an abusive father who was injured in a war.

Drowned at Sea and First Degree
A boy recalls dying at sea; another boy remembers being murdered with a baseball bat.

Ancient Flood and Confederate Blood
A man revisits the Civil War battlefield where he died; a woman recalls her life in ancient Egypt.

Silent Film Star and The Man Who Fell Far
A young woman is obsessed with tragic deaths of movie stars; a 6-year-old recalls a fall that ended his life.

Unfinished Note and Attack on a Boat
The death of a solider is recalled by a young boy; a girl reveals memories of a man from the 1700s.

Killed By A Bomb and Bonfire Gone Wrong
A boy tells his parents he was a marine in a past life who was killed by a bomb; a girl reveals detailed memories of her death during the 15th century.

Wounded in Battle and Lightning Storm Rattle
A 6-year-old boy recalls dying in a plane crash; a young girl believes she fought battles in the 1600s.

Rockerfeller Charms and Brothers In Arms
Visits with two families in crisis due to children who cannot let go of past lives they remember living.

Plane Crash and Sacred Ash
A boy has night terrors about a massacre of Native Americans in the Season 2 premiere. Also: A girl remembers being inside the Empire State Building as a plane crashed into it.

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