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Psychic News - January 2019 issue


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Psychic News - January 2019 issue Empty Psychic News - January 2019 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk on Fri 21 Dec 2018, 19:06

Psychic News - January 2019 issue  now available:

Psychic News - January 2019 issue Cover105-January-2019-big

In the January issue of Psychic News magazine we welcome in 2019 with a bang!

Crystal expert and author of over 45 books, JUDY HALL, makes crystals crystal clear for us all, and we have an exclusive interview with DR RAYMOND MOODY, of Life After Life fame, who has investigated near-death experiences for decades.

BARBARA WHITE says that “Exciting times lie ahead for every single one of us!” in her feature “New Year new you”, and medium ROBERT BROWN comments on personal responsibility, whilst BILLY ROBERTS tells how hundreds of thousands of people were put to death after being accused of witchcraft in “Burned at the stake”.

STEPHEN O’BRIEN explains the vital differences between psychic and mediumistic messages as he tries to raise the standards of mediumship.

We take a look at the Greater World Association in the feature titled “Guide named Zodiac has heavenly message”, and JOHN WEST shares the spine-tingling tale of the haunting of Rattlesden Rectory.

In news, we have an exciting story about the restoration of the FOX SISTERS’ school as it becomes a Temple of Peace for Spiritualism.

“Separated triplet senses he had unknown brother” tells how astonishing similarities emerge between three brothers who were separated at birth in a secret nature versus nurture study, and ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK reveals his healing side.

The editor’s interview is with medium BRENDA LAWRENCE, and Turkish-born inspirational artist SERVET OZEN shares his spiritual art.

All this and much more.

Psychic News - January 2019 issue January-2019-contents_ALL


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Psychic News - January 2019 issue Empty Re: Psychic News - January 2019 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 23 Dec 2018, 13:20

This month's edition looks good.  I haven't had a chance to read yet, but looking forward to getting stuck in when I can.

Extract from The Editor's Desk (Tony Ortzen):
What a lucky boy I am - and what a great way to start the New Year!  Why?  Well, I've just had the absolute joy and real privilege of interviewing Dr Raymond Moody, of Life After Life fame and acclaim, and hearing some super accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs).
Dr Moody's pioneering work in this direction went worldwide.  More good news is that he has now launched an online interactive site, which you can sign up to.  The interview starts on page 16.


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