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Psychic News - January 2021 issue


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book Psychic News - January 2021 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk Thu 31 Dec 2020 - 18:34

Psychic News - January 2021 issue

Psychic News - January 2021 issue Cover129January-2021-FRONTPAGE

BOOST your body, mind and spirit with fruitful foods:
Candice Covington details the energetic and spiritual qualities of various foods, saying that they “offer a multifaceted range of gifts.”

FILL your blank pages with love: Some uplifting and soul soothing quotations from thinkers the world over as we greet the New Year.

BE resolute with your resolutions: Barbara White takes a look at the origin of New Year resolutions.
TASSEOGRAPHY could be just your cup of tea: An unusual new deck of cards covers clairvoyance, dowsing, scrying, palmistry and reading tea leaves.

MEDIUM draws the living ‘dead’: Psychic artist Brenda Treadgold describes how she lost her hearing and explains how she still manages to demonstrate in public.

PRACTICAL ways to help save our planet: International medium Robert Brown lists how we can all play a part in the battle against disastrous climate change.

GET in tune with music: Once a member of a rock group, clairvoyant Billy Roberts tells of meeting Jimi Hendrix and believes he was “extremely psychic.”

JOHN WEST presents some intriguing and unusual psychic sightings.

PLUCKY pets make epic journeys to reach home: Some astonishing accounts of how various pets travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to return home after becoming lost

In the News you’ll find:
■ Prince Harry says the pandemic linked to environmental issues.
■ Prince Charles backs a BBC TV project for people to plant more trees.
■ Medium received over £50,000 for TV reality show.
■ Prince Philip has collection of books on UFOs.
■ Uri drops case against card character.
■ ‘Coronavirus restrictions will last until next year’ claims psychic.

Plus two competitions to win new spiritual books.
And much, much more.

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