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Psychic News - May 2018


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Psychic News - May 2018 Empty Psychic News - May 2018

Post by Candlelight.kk on 26th April 2018, 17:16

Psychic News - May 2018 Cover911 


    Spirit messages lead to reunion for Korean ‘orphan'

  • Images of the dead caught on camera?

  • Impressive collection 
of psychic 
paintings finds permanent home

  • Mother’s premonition saves trapped son


  • London healer cured TV presenter Katie Boyle
  • Enfield poltergeist investigator, Guy Lyon Playfair, passes on
  • Predictions came true for Kate and Meghan
  • John Cleese supports paranormal researchers

Also included:

  • Poltergeist investigator Guy Lyon Playfair passes
  • Art Bell put the normal into paranormal
  • She survived the Titanic as foretold
  • Goligher Circle takes to the stage
  • We are killing ourselves – S.L. Coyne urges us to balance our psyche and soma
  • Victor Hugo's haunted house to be restored – He lived on Guernsey after intense period of spirit communication
  • Sunshine, joy and happiness – David Hopkins asks: what will be your epitaph?
  • 'Billy' Austen: Psychic News' forgotten editor – Research reveals more about journalist who challenged the Church
  • Your chance to win a Greek Mythology Oracle Deck
  • And much, much more

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