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Psychic News - January 2018

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Psychic News - January 2018

Post by Candlelight.kk on Thu 28 Dec 2017, 18:31

The January 2018 edition of Psychic News is now available:

Contents include:

•  Can the future really be foretold?

•  Have we all lived before?

•  John West discovers that Harry Price should have focused on Borley Church as well as the Rectory
•  Apports – objects that appear out of thin air


•  Water divining – utility company engineers divine for buried pipes

•  Billy Roberts reveals the protective power of his grandfather’s spirit intervention

•  Why I am leaving the SNU by Louisa Marie Sullivan, with response from President David Bruton

Also included:

• Prince Charles plans Scottish wellbeing centre
• Princess Diana’s spirit presence acknowledged
• Heart transplant surgeon received distant healing
• Long Island medium gives a very cold reading
• Religious debate: what happens at death?
• More spooks, spectres and silliness
• Imaginary friends can’t compete with digital devices
• Spiritual art – The spirit guides of Jane Stephens mainly work through her in trance
• Angel Attic – a secular approach to spiritual awareness
• Pope warns of talking to the Devil
• Exorcisms continue to increase globally
• All Worlds Are One – Roy Stemman’s paranormal reflections
• Readers’ letters – Have your say
• Win a pack of Silver Birch Wisdom Cards
• And much, much more

PN Website:
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away


Re: Psychic News - January 2018

Post by ariel on Thu 28 Dec 2017, 23:12

Heart transplant surgeon received distant healing

That headline about Dr Christiaan Barnard is a bit misleading, because it infers that the famous heart surgeon's "incurable arthritis" had been miraculously healed through absent healing from Harry Edwards in 1968, and that after that he "still had a little of the disease in his hands but he had built a "natural resistance" to it", so he "was able to continue operating until 1983, by which time his once-nimble fingers had become gnarled by rheumatoid arthritis."

So from that we learn that he may indeed have been sent absent healing from healer Harry Edwards, but that it did not heal him, whereas the article says "the great cardiac surgeon successfully received spiritual healing for incurable arthritis - a condition that would have seriously limited his surgical skills."

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