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Psychic News - January 2020


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Psychic News - January 2020 Empty Psychic News - January 2020

Post by Candlelight.kk Mon 23 Dec 2019 - 17:31

Psychic News - January 2020 issue

Psychic News - January 2020 Cover117-January-2020-FRONTPAGE

Inside the January 2020 issue of Psychic News magazine, actress, singer and impressionist Jessica Martin tells of her belief in the afterlife, predestination, intuition and other psychic subjects. Jessica voiced the puppets of Queen Elizabeth II, Sarah Ferguson, Edwina Currie, Princess Diana and many others in ITV’s Spitting Image, and has appeared in BBC’s Dr Who.

International opera singer Vincent Karche describes how amongst forests he rediscovered his voice, his true self and his mission in life, proving that trees really can help to heal.

Barbara White takes a look at the New Year, and investigates how it is celebrated in various parts of the world.
To start off 2020 we share a selection of inspiring teachings from Silver Birch, who spoke through trance medium Maurice Barbanell for decades, and the spirit world delivers a New Year message from White Owl, who guides medium Stephen O’Brien.

Alla Svirinskaya offers advice on how to energise one’s home and dispose of negative influences. Globe-trotting medium Robert Brown looks at development circles and believes we should now “get back to basics.,” and Billy Roberts gives tips on foretelling the future and suggests some methods readers can try.

Graham Jennings answers your questions on paranormal and spiritual subjects and highlights the astonishing coincidences that were discovered when two twins were reunited.

Fascinated by the city’s history and ghosts since he was a child, John West takes another look at some of the many apparitions which stalk York.

In this month’s spiritual art, sit back and admire some of the works by Paul Beevers, who specialises in healing and spiritual art.

We feature the latest news from around the world and give you the chance to win ten copies of a 50-card oracle deck, created by New York Times best-selling author Robert Holden.

Plus much, much more.

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