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Psychic News - December 2018


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Psychic News - December 2018 Empty Psychic News - December 2018

Post by Candlelight.kk Wed 28 Nov 2018 - 22:24

The December 2018 issue of Psychic News is now out.

Psychic News - December 2018 Cover104-December-2018-FRONTPAGE

Inside the festively fabulous December issue of Psychic News, Kyle Gray helps us to understand angels and tells us how we can connect with them, John West shares some ghost stories for Christmas, Barbara White reveals the Pagan story of Santa, and there’s a chance for ten readers to win a copy of Yasmin Boland’s ‘Moonology Diary 2019’ as the editor sets you 30 mind-body-spirit questions in our Christmas cracking quiz.

In the news:

  • Minister David Bruton gives an atmospheric first-hand account of Remembrance Sunday at Whitehall as Spiritualists are represented at the Cenotaph service for the first time ever

  • Rare documents reveal that the 4th Countess of Warwick held séances at her castle

  • Doctor backs distant healing sent over 6,000 miles as thermal imaging techniques show that distance is no barrier

  • Psychic locates a skeleton buried in the basement of a family home decades after the father mysteriously vanished


  • We have an exclusive interview with Colum Hayward, whose trance medium grandmother Grace Cooke founded the White Eagle Lodge.

  • We also have fascinating features on numerology, unveiling the aura, wellbeing with kundalini, and spiritual art.

"and much more ... "


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