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Psychic News - July 2018


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Psychic News - July 2018 Empty Psychic News - July 2018

Post by Candlelight.kk Tue 26 Jun 2018 - 18:51

Psychic News - July 2018

"Two Worlds are One" - The first edition of Psychic News following it's amalgamation with Two Worlds :

Glad to hear they are keeping the name Psychic News. At first glance the publication doesn't look any different, except that the editorial chat is now under the name of Tony Ortzen.

Psychic News - July 2018 Cover99-July-2018-FRONTPAGE


  • ‘I believe in afterlife’ says ‘Corrie’ star William Roache

  • Mother returns within minutes of passing on

  • How colour can enhance your life

  • WIN a residential course 
at the Arthur Findlay College

  • Medium helps police after theft of famous painting


  • Find some spiritual serenity 
in Cornwall

  • Good vibrations! Learn the art of psychometry

  • Precognition and coincidences

  • News and views from the editor’s desk

  • Council rejects plan to demolish historic church

Also included:

• New book planned on Doris Stokes
• Spiritual healers have hands-on approach
• Lottery winner’s premonition
• Medium has happy tails about animals
• Famous guitarist strums medium’s praises
• Wise words by Stephen O’Brien
• Spiritual art – colourful channelled paintings of Spiritscapes and Energy Angels by Naomi Walker
• Robert Brown answers your questions
• And much, much more


I haven't actually had a chance to read any of it yet - full house at the moment with family visiting from various distant parts of the world! A rare occasion to get us all together like this - and historically on these rare occasions my deceased mother is very much around - and makes her presence known in some very surprising and unusual ways! happyheart Happily, the erstwhile cynics and 'non-believers' in our family have long since been converted about the reality of survival after death - on occasions such as these. Wink
Some of them will be heading over to Ireland on Thursday - (I so wish I could be going with them ... Sad ....) going to be an awful wrench when they do head off, so I will be more than ready to bury myself in distractions like reading Psychic News etc after Thursday.

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Psychic News - July 2018 Empty Re: Psychic News - July 2018

Post by mac Tue 26 Jun 2018 - 21:55

I hope PN does well under Tony's leadership.

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