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Psychic News - July 2019 issue


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Psychic News - July 2019 issue Empty Psychic News - July 2019 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk Wed 26 Jun 2019 - 21:59

In the July 2019 issue of Psychic News magazine, explore and experience the fascinating field of lucid dreaming with expert Charlie Morley.

Medium Alison Wynne-Ryder shares her spiritual experiences and tells how marbles inside a Christmas cracker figured in survival evidence. Psychic artist and medium Anna Trew explains the role of spirit guides and how they “watch over us with affection and respect.” Elsewhere, Billy Roberts discusses Spiritualism on TV, and how pets are good for our health. Meanwhile, Barbara White explores left-handedness and how this can be affected by the zodiac.

In “Strange case of the missing magicians and maligned medium,” Roy Stemman reviews a new exhibition and book featuring various aspects of the paranormal. Robert Brown moves his “Spotlight” feature on to Germany and John West meets top film director Jason Figgis to hear about his latest documentary on “the father of the English ghost story.”

In our regular spiritual art feature, we feature the works of independent police interpreter Simona Richmond.

In the news, singer Robbie Williams tells of speaking to the “dead.” Meanwhile, the Royal Mint has issued a new coin to honour a pioneer Spiritualist. Staying with the UK, White Eagle Lodge plans a new “beautifully unique” temple at its Hampshire headquarters, TV’s Eamonn Holmes has his spirit “cleansed” by a shaman on live TV and how an ex-Coronation Street star’s relationship with a fellow cast member was “predicted by a psychic.”

The parents of Madeleine McCann turn down a suggestion they should seek help from a medium to find their daughter. Members of Tottenham Hotspur football team walk over hot coals to connect with a “superior energy.” In the USA, fighter pilots tell of encountering UFOs.

PLUS: Win one of ten copies of David Serlin’s 'Highway to Healing' as prizes in our sudoku competition.

All this and much more...

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