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Where Science and Spiritualism meet


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Where Science and Spiritualism meet Empty Where Science and Spiritualism meet

Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 21 May 2017 - 0:10

23 Apr 2015, 18:41

I am trying to find out more about this event which took place in 2012 at the Arthur Findlay College. Does anyone know of the existence of any recordings, discussions, reports or attendee reviews covering the event - which was headed 'Where Science and Spiritualism Meet'.

From 20 January to 27 January 2012, Stansted Hall invites psychologists, psychiatrists and "enquirers into spiritualism" to attend and exchange views with modern scientific thinking.

During the week, there will be demonstrations of trance mediumship, transfiguration and physical mediumship, which will be observed by psychiatrists and scientists. Anthony Peake, a British writer whose work focuses on near death experience, déjà vu and the nature of reality, has agreed to attend the course and address the cause as to his investigations. Trance demonstration will be completed by Wayne McHugh and others, transfiguration by Jay Love and physical mediumship with Scott Milligan and David Thompson..

It is also hoped that individuals, who run advanced circles, enquiring into physical mediumship, may be attracted to the course in order that they can exchange their experiences and individual involvement so that a greater understanding can be achieved into physical mediumship in the 21st-century.

Evenings at the Hall, will be devoted to experimental seances and open discussions with those attending, so that there is an exchange of views between individual unfoldment of mediumship. In this way, it is hoped that scientists and psychiatrists will be able to apply modern scientific principles to the interpretation of mediumship.

There will be investigation as well into the deeper aspects of consciousness, the brain and its spiritual function in the media mystic state.

The emphasis of this week will be to link the principles of the original Arthur Findlay Bequest, to use the Hall as a College of Psychic Science with the wider implications of medicine, psychiatry and science in the development of Spiritualism.

If anyone reading this has any knowledge of the week-long course, I should be most grateful if you could point the way to links, videos, individuals or literature detailing the event - or even better, come and share with us here any knowledge or opinions you may have in this regard.

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Where Science and Spiritualism meet Empty Re: Where Science and Spiritualism meet

Post by Dreamon Sun 21 May 2017 - 0:13

23 Apr 2015, 20:44

That course (Science and "Spirit" - not "Spiritualism") was run by the Friends of Stansted Hall (FOSH).  Check out their Facebook page.

“Where Science and Spirit Meet”
Friday January 20th 2012 to Friday 27th (7 days)

Join Friends Of Stansted Hall (FOSH) this week at the Arthur Findlay College on an experimental course, designed to challenge the student to grasp the deeper aspects of Consciousness, the Brain and its spiritual function in the mediumistic state.
We look forward to welcoming guest experts on Scientific discoveries, Psychiatry and Parapsychology as well as established tutors in the fields of modern Mediumship training.

They will explore states of consciousness in Physical/trance and Evidential mediumship by some of the UK'S best exponents of Mediumship.
Students will get the chance to assist guest researchers in understanding Mediumship in its different forms, by taking part in experimental seances and test readings alongside established mediums.
Does Mediumship work better in a group or individually ? What is the scientific basis that makes one person an evidential medium and another a trance medium? We even attempt to give clarity in the Psychiatric differences between the Clairaudient and the Schizophrenic.
The Spiritual visionary. With lots of practical sessions on your own development, tutorials and experimental evenings, we plan to go back to the original intention of Psychic research of the early 20th century, uniting Science, Mysticism and Spiritualism to become true explorers of consciousness, bringing this forward into the 21st century Mediums understanding of their Craft.
Mediums: Sally Barnes CSNU, Sue Breen, Donna Stewart, Sue Leybourne, David Thompson, Wayne McHugh, Scott Milligan and Jay Love - along with other invited Specialists
To book click on the FOSH link or go to the arthur findlay college website

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Where Science and Spiritualism meet Empty Re: Where Science and Spiritualism meet

Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 21 May 2017 - 0:15

Thanks for that, Dreamon.  thanks    I had already searched the Arthur Findlay site for details but could find no mention there.

I didn't know about FOSH.  Checked out their link - and find that there was a follow-up event in 2013.

Course Name:  Where Science and Spirit Meet 2 Thro the Looking Glass
Course Date:  Friday 18th January 2013 – Friday 25th January 2013

With British Mediums Sally Barnes CSNU, Sue Leybourne  CSNU approved AFC Tutors

Following on from the success of our 2012 course, 'Where Science and Spirit meet', after much demand, the friends of Stansted hall are back with a great line up of  International Tutors and Mediums alongside respected researchers and Authors in the field of Consciousness research, Quantum theory, Psychology and modern Mediumship in all it's forms.
There will be groups and tutorials focusing on the individuals Mediumistic growth, from the approach of evolving consciousness. The latest scientific findings that support the Spiritualistic paradigm will be explored in jargon free language. There will be specialist demonstrations of Trance Mediumship, Evidential Mediumship as well as transfiguration and Physical séances. So come along on another journey through the looking glass into parallel dimensions, the quantum field and experience the Subtle Worlds of Spirit and all that World has to share with us.
Be a true 21st century Medium exploring all the possibilities of your Mediumship, push the boundaries of understanding, as you explore your own potential.  

Fosh Tutors Donna Stewart, Jean Skinner, Wayne McHugh, Gordon & Gaynor Garforth, Dr Alan Hartley, Anthony Peake, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton and other invited experts.
Course organizers Ken Smith and Graham Hewitt.

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