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Faith Healing and 'Debt-Relief Seed' scams


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Faith Healing and 'Debt-Relief Seed' scams

Post by Candlelight.kk on Fri 05 May 2017, 13:28

(originally posted on 11 Oct 2015)

Probably the most well-known of all of these "theatre evangelists" currently operating today, is self-professed 'faith healer', Peter Popoff.

Exposed in 1986 as a sham and a fraudster  (more details here: )

The following year he declared Bankruptcy and disappeared from public view for a while.

However, here he is from just 4 years ago.  monster   (Secret footage taken by Think Again TV):

More recently still, the Good Thinking Society carried out their own investigation into the workings of this charlatan when he came to the UK with his 'ministry':


Over the last six months, we have been investigating ‘faith healer’ Peter Popoff and his highly-lucrative current business of promising to heal sickness and cancel debts in exchange for ‘seed faith’, in other words: cash donations. In May of this year we attended Popoff’s event at The Troxy Theatre, London, to covertly record his miraculous claims and supposed acts of faith healing, and to witness thousands of people donating large amounts of cash to his ministry.

update   The Daily Mirror carries the report of the Good Thinking Society's recent investigation:

Quite surprising to find just how many  "Faith Seed" scams there are in operation in America - and just how easy it is to set up such a racket in the U.S. and get away with it, legally, by calling it a church.

This hilariously funny video highlights just how crazy the American tax laws are which allow such practices to continue to rake in the dosh, whilst acting perfectly within the law.

The TV Show, 'Last Week Tonight' decided to set up such an establishment, calling it 'The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption'.

WATCH VIDEO:  arrow    rofl

A month later, Huffington Post reports:

John Oliver Closes His TV Church After People Send Unwanted 'Seed' Donations
"We’re closing because multiple people sent us sperm through the mail."
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Re: Faith Healing and 'Debt-Relief Seed' scams

Post by Curious on Fri 05 May 2017, 13:29

I think it's sad when charlatans prey on desperate people, or those who want to help others.

I'm glad that they're being exposed.

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