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Post by Candlelight.kk Tue 10 Sep 2019 - 14:12

Spiritualism Survey

A recent survey carried out by the SNU revealed some interesting answers:

The survey looked at what first brought people into Spiritualism:

1. Because they had an ‘experience’ (16%)
2. Because of a friend or relative (15%)
3. Out of curiosity (14%)
4. Because they wanted to attend a development circle (13%)
5. Bereavement (12%)

Possibly one of the most fascinating insights from our respondents came when we asked about reasons for going to a Spiritualist Church.

The top five reasons were:

1. Being with like-minded people (65%)
2. Understanding my spirituality (54%)
3. Understanding my spiritual experiences (49%)
4. Message from a medium (40%)
5. Healing (37%)

When asked where they got their information about Spiritualism from 73% found Facebook useful or quite useful, and 78% found web searches useful or quite useful. This suggests that it’s essential for Spiritualism to have a strong and positive online presence through websites and social media. Lack of quality online presence is now a severe limitation. The rational basis of Spiritualism requires accurate information. 78% found asking others for it useful or quite useful, with 31% saying their church / centre was their main source of information. If peers are being questioned, then this suggests a need for us to be “on message” and properly informed about our religion. It highlights the need for churches to have good-quality, reliable information to disseminate and, furthermore, sound knowledge to challenge misconceptions that may be brought through our doors.

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