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When it's time to pass


When it's time to pass

Post by Candlelight.kk on 21st April 2017, 21:51

(Originally posted on 14 Sep 2012 04:25 pm)

(From Two Worlds, October 2012 issue)

Below are some trance teachings which came through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia, who has served the international community for over 25 years. In this abridged extract from “Your Life After Death,” his guide, Joseph, gives a view of what happens after we pass on.

No one is left alone in death.
There is always someone who comes for them and who knows in advance because they are given information from a higher authority – and by that I mean spirits who are more elevated than they are – to say: “This person is about to pass over. Would you like to meet them?” The words “Would you like to meet them?” are important because there is always the option of saying – even with loved ones – “No. I would prefer someone else to go and meet them.” There is always freewill. We never order. We cannot order.

So they receive a message in advance and know that they will be collected at a certain time. They will be transported to an in-between area because a newly passed soul cannot raise its vibration instantly, as there would be too much of a shock which would result in confusion.

The last thing we want to do is to impress new images on a mind that is already confused because it is not mentally ready for the transition, so there is an in-between stage. What happens to the soul depends on its perception of life after death and of life, so sometimes a relative will call for a soul and appear at the moment of death.
I want to take away that fear of the moment of death because on the physical level you see people who appear to be suffering and then draw a last breath.

You may see those who are in great pain before they cross over. From the physical perspective, it appears that a painful end has come to that person. Actually, the opposite is true because the release of the spirit is a peaceful affair. It is only the body you are looking at which seems to be in such turmoil, pain and trauma. There is a moment of stepping away from the physical body – and it is as simple as taking the next breath for the spirit that is passing. One moment they are perhaps in a bed. They are in pain and confused, but the next moment there is peace. They are still very much alive – in fact, more so – and can breathe again. They are without pain or the stresses of the physical body. Death has taken place. It is as simple as that!

Your death will not be the frightening experience that your cultures say it is going to be no matter how you pass over. If you do so in great pain, through an accident or illness, there will be a moment of pain on a physical level and then you are free of it.
Suddenly you are standing tall again; suddenly you can breathe again; suddenly you are relaxed again; suddenly you feel better than you have felt for a long, long time.

If you are sufficiently aware spiritually to accept that there is life after physical death, then normally someone you have known – a close relative or friend, or perhaps someone you know as a brother or sister on a spiritual level but have never met on Earth but who you will recognise at the moment of death – will be waiting for you.

This is what happens if you are aware of the process of things, if you are willing to accept that your family is waiting for you or that your friends are still alive. For many people, however, there is an inbuilt need within the soul to continue a journey or to go somewhere, as it were. For those people, illusions are set up to take them across from the vibrational barrier that buffers at one end with the earth and at the other end with the higher levels of consciousness. A “journey” and an illusion need to be set up, so people get what they expect. They will, for example, step out of their physical body and find themselves confronted by a boat, aeroplane, train, carriage or any other of many vehicles waiting for them and find themselves with other people who made the transition at that moment. In charge of this vehicle will be organisers from higher levels of consciousness. These people instruct those who are newly passed into the spirit realms to board the vehicle and to re - main calm. Your culture leans towards figures of authority, so there is built into your physical consciousness the will to obey people in such positions and to say, “Well, yes, this person knows what they are talking about.”

With newly passed souls, in many cases it is necessary for them to be told what to do, not to panic and that everything is all right. They will find themselves on a boat or in a plane with people who are in the same predicament (as they see it). The vehicle will then appear to move across a landscape. This may be a sky, a desert, a river or an ocean, but there is the impression that they are moving somewhere on a vehicle being organised by people whom they instinctively realise know better than them be cause of the light they give out from their auras.

Many souls still believe that there are limitations of the flesh, so will talk a certain language or respect a certain culture. For this reason, a soul is met by people who appear to talk the same language and understand the same culture so they are comfortable. The vehicle then moves across this landscape, which I must impress on you is an illusion, and appears to reach a destination. This is sometimes an airport, a shore, a railway station or some other terminus. When the vehicle reaches that destination, the people are instructed by higher spirits that they must disembark.

The area between the earth plane and the first sphere is a buffer in more ways than one. It has a quietening effect on souls after they have passed. Similarly, it has a deadening effect on them with regard to the life they have just lived and filters out many of the things that souls have externalised before they passed. If it did not do this, there would be more of a pull from earth to continue with episodes which are going on in a soul’s life at the time it makes the transition. In other words, it would still be worried about the payments for a house, problems with a marriage or raising enough money. A soul has been immersed in these things for a lifetime. And yes, it will have to address the ramifications of major dramas and karmic facets that have been around itself as it makes the transition, but not at that point.

For those who are spiritually aware, a friend, family member or someone from their group-soul turns up and says, “Come this way.” Many souls will say, “Thank goodness I am going back home!” That kind of transition is a more rapid affair than the one for the majority of people where they need to be gradually raised in vibration and cleansed from the effects of the earth plane as they move towards the first spiritual sphere.

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