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Spiritualists’ World Congress 2018 - AFC


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Spiritualists’ World Congress 2018 - AFC Empty Spiritualists’ World Congress 2018 - AFC

Post by Candlelight.kk Sat 7 Apr 2018 - 12:12

For the first time ever, this prestigious event is being held at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall

International Conference of Spiritualists

(04 Jul - 07 Jul 2018)

Spiritualists’ World Congress – Residential World Congress Package

The Arthur Findlay College is thrilled to be hosting the Historic World Congress of Spiritualists 2018, in Stansted Essex, on Thursday 6th July until Saturday 8th July 2018. 

This is the first time that The Spiritualists’ World Congress has ever been held in the UK. With the Congress being attended by The International Spiritualist Federation, The Spiritualists’ National Union, The American National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Spiritualist Church of Canada and many more Spiritualist bodies. It is the perfect place for us to gather and exchange ideas.

The mission of the World Congress is to;-
“Unite Spiritualists worldwide around our common Principles”.
Let us move Spiritualism into the 21st Century ~ together!

Attendees can enjoy a residential or day delegate rate

For details of the daily programme, costs and more, go to the AFC website page

blink [admin note]  Yes, I know there's something not quite right with the dates there - (heading says 4th July to 7th July - and here it says Thursday 6th July to Sat 8th July !  - The 6th July is actually a Friday! .....)
Oh well ... hopefully, they will have it sorted by the time July comes around.)

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