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Is there life after death?


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Is there life after death?

Post by Candlelight on 21st April 2017, 10:43

(originally posted on 26 Apr 2008 06:49 pm)

Mediumship is all about evidence that there is an afterlife.
I believe acceptance of that evidence can only truly be proved through one's own personal experience. "Seeing is Believing"... "The proof of the pudding ..." etc.
Where doubts, questions, beliefs, proof and evidence are concerned, I've opened this topic as as one who has experienced both sides of the coin. Having received the most wonderful personal evidence through various mediums over the years, I've gone through all the questioning, the doubts, the searching. I was the "Receiver", getting my "third party" terms through the Medium (the second party).
However, now in a position to speak on first party terms (myself as both Giver and Receiver) - in other words I've received my evidence, now I (as the second party) can now receive (without any doubts whatsoever) and give evidence to others.
When I was the "doubter" and the "questioner" there was absolutely no-one in my life that I could talk to about my doubts, no forums such as this to explore/share, I was completely alone on my path, with only my own experiences to deal with.
I'd like to follow this with a number of other posts after this one - which are basically answers that I have given to very adverse questions on another Forum, an out and out sceptical forum consisting of total non-believers / non-experiencers.
- from a Wonderer, Doubter, Experiencer to a firm Believer...

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:16 pm Post subject:

This was on the question of Real vs Fake Psychics:

I do not wish to attach any labels either to myself (i.e. medium/psychic etc) or to the situation I am about to relate; I would simply like to give an account of what I believe to be "evidence" of an afterlife that I received personally and subsequently a separate incident (one of many) where I have passed on "evidence" to another (a total stranger to me):

I am fast approaching my [???] year; have led an extremely eventful life, respectably educated, well travelled, and possess what I consider to be a fairly open mind.

Just over a year ago I found myself intensely taking stock of my life so far and asking myself the age-old questions "What's it all about?" "What is the meaning of life?" "Why am I/we here?" That night I woke up to find my mother's face right in front of mine, smiling at me (my mother died 20 years ago, as did my father). Initially pretty shaken up, I closed my eyes and opened them again to find her still there but standing beside the bed where I could now see her full form. I will quickly add here it was NOT a dream, & I made all the necessary confirmations, checked out the room, the clock, even physically pinching myself. Still there.

3 days later I found myself attending a medium for a reading, with the sole secret purpose of having them confirm this incident. I had absolutely no intention of giving anything away about myself or what had happened. He knew absolutely nothing about me and was a complete stranger to me. This medium first explained that he was clairaudient, i.e. he hears spirit but does not see. Straight into the session (wow!!) describing my mother (in her words) to an absolute 'T' - not only confirming that I had recently seen her, but SO very much more, apparently not coming up for air, so many minute and accurate details were given to me through this guy. My father also came through in this session and (trying to be brief as poss here) the main gist of it all was to let me know that mediumistic skills run in the family way back on my mother's side and that now was the time for me to begin to develop and use this ability and that I would be helped and guided by both mother and father in every way. That years ago was not the right time; I had to go through and deal with many experiences in my life first before I being ready and able to do this work, and now I was ready.

Since having joined a development circle, I subsequently attended a one-day Workshop for developing mediums where one of the "exercises" was to pair up with another attendee (total strangers) to see if and what we could "get" for that person. Not expecting anything, I immediately saw (much to my surprise) on a sort of screen by this person, a lady who I described to her in detail with the name Mary printed above her head. I simply related to this person as I went along just what I was seeing. Also saw the month of May. Then a pile of books. I saw this person handing one book to someone else. Then I described in detail a young boy of about 12 or 13 who (I don't know how I knew, but just knew was still living). I could see he had large brown eyes and black sticky-up hair. He also had a brown face - and don't know why but I didn't mention that fact, although was very clear to me. Anyway, that was it, I didn't feel there was any message in it, but just told her what I had seen.

The person afterwards confirmed to me that her friend Mary had passed over (died) one month previous. The person who had died was a few days off her 90th birthday (in May). She had actually been a medium. Before she died had left this lady her large collection of books asking her to give them to charity, which she had done but before doing so she had given one of the books (on mediumship) to another friend of hers.
The boy had been the lady's next-door-neighbour, a 12-year old Indian lad who had looked after her by getting shopping for her, making sure her gate was closed, etc, and this young boy had been very much affected by her passing, and had not stopped crying since she died.....
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:17 pm Post subject:

This was on the subject of Fraudulent Mediums:

Today I was in the audience of a theatre hall where 6 mediums in turn gave demonstrations of their abilities (one of them you most certainly will have heard of as his name has been mentioned in this very thread). I only wish you could have been present to see and hear for yourself the numerous detailed messages that were delivered to various random people in that hall, and to decipher for yourself whether these specific details could indeed be classed as 'cold readings'. As each message was delivered I tried to imagine that the message was being given to me, a sort of a silent test to see if I could perhaps identify with any of them (Forer) - but given that every single message was so comprehensively and precisely unique to the receiver, every one passed my "test".

Have ANY of you actually attended such a forum in your search for "proof", and witnessed so many people receiving their personal validations? Or do you just rely on "listening to extracts of tapes from readings", third party "say so's", and out of context reports? Have any of you shared in the joy and emotion displayed by a grieving mother or father on receiving communication from their son torn from their lives in a car crash, first validating in many different ways who he is, name/nicknames, little idosyncracies of his own or those still living, describing how his watch is now worn by his best friend (named), and who is also a West Ham fan as he was, or the fact that his favourite music (named) was played at his funeral, letting them know that he is still around and loves them dearly. Or the mother 3 years passed who would like to say how proud she is of her eldest (named) passing her music exam 3 weeks ago & that she was with the family at the ensuing celebration ... on it goes.

I think the answer to my question is ... no. For surely if you were to experience this for yourself I do believe you may think twice about your own "beliefs". And if I am correct, that the answer is "no", then why? ... Why have you not attempted to quench your thirst for proof of your own? Until you prove that you are willing to put your feet where your mouths are (so to speak) then you will always be debating on third party terms.

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:19 pm Post subject:

If I may put in my twopenn'orth here: A lot of reference has been made here to the Barnum and Forer Effect. 'Barnum' originating from the circus millionaire who coined the phrases "We have something for everyone" and "There's a sucker born every minute", and Phineas Forer the psychologist who conducted controlled tests on his students to prove that very point. A good example would be to take a look at a daily horoscope and assume that everything "fits" for your sign; but take a look at another sign and you can make that fit just as well. I totally agree that both of these can be attributed to many "psychic readings".

Sadly, though, there are far too many self-acclaimed "psychics" purporting to be "mediums" and this is where the misunderstandings arise where fraud is uncovered. To the unitiated they are all too often lumped together in the same bag. I think it important to clarify here the more than subtle difference between a "psychic" and a "medium".

As a developing medium I attended a workshop run by a very well known and highly respected medium where we were given an exercise to enable us to pinpoint that very difference. The first half of this exercise entailed giving a "psychic" reading for another person. I could tell that person things about their personality, lifestyle, loves/hates, etc, all proving accurate - pure cold reading on my part, but I got it right.

However, the second half, reading for the same person, we then had to "tune in" and give a reading as a medium, i.e. channel information from spirit rather than simply what is picked up yourself. As soon as I received my now recognised sensation of my guide's "calling card" I could then give an accurate visual description of an aunt of this girl's who had passed on, I momentarily physically "felt" how she had died, her name, birthday, and went on to give names, dates and events of others within her family. This information did not come from me - it was "given" to me to pass on through me as the medium, the channel. Neither was it picked up from my "sitter" because try as I may before that I could not have picked up such detailed information and at the same time receiving my own personal validations in the form of "confirming physical sensations".

Barnum and Forer cannot (or at least ought not) be attributed to mediumship.

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:21 pm Post subject:

On being asked if this was the first time I had visited a medium:

First time for a private reading, but over the years I had sat in the audience where a medium was giving a demonstration on platform.

The first time I attended one of these demonstrations was 4 months after my mother died. For a nominal entrance charge of £4 I joined an audience of about 30 people. I was the second person to be picked out. The medium said I have your mother here, described her physically in detail (accurately), she passed quite recently of a cancer condition. (yes) (No chance to speak - he was telling me) There's someone called Jim (my father's name) who has trouble with pain in his leg after walking any distance, due to an operation on his left leg. (my father had an operation on his left leg and had to stop and rest after walking any great length)
There's a black and white dog with him, male, but given the name of a female. (my mother's black and white collie, male, but called Susie - well, we're Irish!) You're experiencing problems with a young boy, school age, where you're fighting an uphill struggle, there's a strong feeling of your being all alone in the world, having to do everything yourself. You are not alone, take strength in the knowledge that spirit is with you and aware of what you're going through.The situation will be resolved not immediately but in 3 months time in the form of a letter. (long story - to do with my son who had been admitted into school under an assisted place - WAS resolved 3 months later - letter!)
Now a young boy, 5 or 6, died in an accident near his home, wants to let his family know he's around them. He's aware that his Christmas presents are still kept, unopened. There's a strong Catholic influence surrounding his family, lots of Catholic prayers and Masses being said for him. These prayers are heard. You have a sister living in a different country, in the countryside in the same area where he lived. (About 15 years previous to that in the village where I lived, and where my sister still lives, 5 doors up from us, Terry aged 7, but looked younger, was knocked down by a car on the road right outside his house on Christmas Eve. The whole village turned out for his funeral, a very sad day, and every year a special memorial Mass is offered up for him on the anniversary of his death.)
Because of the nature of their environment his family would not really understand "this sort of thing", you are the only way in which he can get a connection to them. He would dearly love them to know that he loves them and that he's "grand" (a common local expression for "fine/just great").
Then the medium referred back to my mother and said she's with Bill (her brother, my uncle who died years before that). Take her love and blessing. Then he moved on to someone else.

Well, I left there absolutely gobsmacked.

And that was the beginning of my "belief".

* * *
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:23 pm Post subject:

The question posed to me here was "Have you always been interested in Spiritualism, what was it that brought you there and what do you expect to get out of it?"

I can't say that I've always been interested in Spiritualism, per se, as quite frankly, until recently I didn't even know what it was.
I have, though, always been aware of and interested in the power and vast capabilities of the mind. Psychological physical effects, mind over matter, telepathy, telekenisis, hypnosis, all these things fascinated me.
I remember as a schoolchild my futile attempts at explaining to my friends how you really can "rid yourself" of the pain of say toothache by concentrating on it and gently "urging" the pain to flow into your shoulder, down your arm and out through your fingertips. It really did work for me. Of course, the source of the pain required attention at some practical level but that was another matter. I soon came to recognise the strange looks coming my way when I spoke of such things, so learned to keep such matters to myself. As a child I would quite naturally see others surrounded by colours, colours which would move and change at times. I had assumed everyone could, and remember being quite disappointed to eventually discover this wasn't the case.
When I went to that first clairvoyancy demonstration not long after my mother's death, at the time I really couldn't say what it was that brought me there, what my reasons for going were - all I know is I found myself there not really knowing what to expect, although with hindsight I would suggest that it was a form of synchronicity that "directed" me there. It was that first message that convinced me that when we die that's not "the end of it" and I think that realisation in itself was sufficient at that particular time in my life, with many more experiences yet to encounter, I look on it now as a sort of preparation. It had no dramatic impact on my everyday life, just an acceptance picked up along life's journey. Then with many more relatives dying over the years and many of them bringing further messages of their continued existence (through mediums), this just served to cement that acceptance.
It was only when (just 2 years ago) so many really strange and inexplicable things started happening around me, culminating in my mother's "visit", that I decided to have a reading with a medium. I knew what I had experienced, I knew there must have been a reason for her visit, I didn't know what that reason was, but apart from anything, as only I had experienced it, I wanted my own personal validation from an "outsider" - which as told in my previous post, I did receive, but additionally was made aware of the reason. Incredibly detailed as it was, I still (for my own clarification) felt the need to seek out different mediums for "a second opinion" for want of a better phrase - I went to 4 other randomly picked mediums, and 3 of those delivered exactly the same information (from my mother, who incidentally they each said came through very clearly & was obviously very experienced in doing so) and with my father coming through with "her help". I did say 3 out of 4. One that I encountered was reading at Mind, Body & Spirit Festival amongst a group of 10 or so, each offering different forms of "readings" - amongst them Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry... He purported to be giving readings as a Medium - THIS is the type of fraudulent character that sullies the practice of true mediumship "someone here in spirit that looks like you" "name of Mary or Marie or Maria" "you have to watch your finances, this plastic day and age people don't realise it's money they're dealing in". "You've been tired lately - you should eat a Mars bar when your energy level goes down!" "Oh, and good advice to invest in a tens machine, just so happens I produce them, much cheaper than in the high st shops - here's my card" ...
Anyway - diversifying here. After my "clarifications" I am now in a mediumship development circle, and in discovering the realms of spiritualism I feel that I've quite simply "come home".

    Current date/time is 20th April 2018, 10:00