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Can life return to normal after the death of a spouse?


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Can life return to normal after the death of a spouse?

Post by Candlelight.kk on Tue 09 May 2017, 21:34

05 Jun 2015

An article in the BBC News magazine today:

A month after her husband's sudden death, Sheryl Sandberg has published an emotional post on Facebook. She writes about "the look of fear" in co-workers' eyes when she returned to work and the difficulty of finding "a new normal".

I remember this happening when I returned to work after the death of my mother. People were going out of their way not to mention it for fear of upsetting me (and I thought at the time that that's what I wanted too). As it happens, the boss of the company (a large firm of accountants) had recently lost his mother also. I remember him coming to me when no-one else was around and telling me he could sympathise with how I was feeling. Then I remember him saying (almost in a very embarrassed way - he was a very serious, down-to-earth almost stand-offish and private type of person normally) - he said how the sadness had now left him and he felt very differently about 'life' as lots of 'things' had happened since his mother's death which he could not quite explain and could only term as 'supernatural'. If you knew the guy, you would understand how very unusual and out of character it was for him to be speaking this way. I remember asking him what did he mean, but then he got really embarrassed and didn't want to say any more about it. I so wish we could have spoken more, because little did he know that I was experiencing similar and would so love to have shared these things with someone who understood.

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