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A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing (Documentary)


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Video/Documentary A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing (Documentary)

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 14 May 2017, 21:51

18 Feb 2017, 01:34

Miracle workers such as Benny Hinn are followed and interviewed in this American Undercover documentary. It questions if faith and prayer can heal. This documentary is a very well-researched and in-depth look at the world of televangelists and "faith-healers". It takes a unique approach in that there is equal time given to a breakdown of the psychological, neurological, sociological, and other scientific gimmicks used by these vampires and the business end of it that makes swindling millions such a lucrative business.

The viewer is taken from "crusades" in America to Europe to Africa, witnessing heartbreaking stories that would make the hardest heart melt with compassion. To see people who are terminally ill, crippled, or have family members in need of a miracle open their checkbooks or take out their credit cards for donations in the thousands (one family of recent converts from Hinduism gave $2,000 in the hopes their son's brain tumour would be healed. He died nine months later) is as heart-wrenching a moment of real drama as one is likely to see for a long time. The answers these frauds give to the documentarian's questions, which are quite good and well put, always revert back to "one must have faith, or this shall not work".
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Video/Documentary Re: A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing (Documentary)

Post by Misty on Sun 14 May 2017, 21:52

20 Feb 2017, 13:09

Its really frightening to watch these charlatans in action, but even more frightening to see the reaction and the total belief of the crowds.
Very sad to watch as well. The most incredible one was the crusade in Nigeria, the father whose son didnt get healed at the show and died the next day and the father brought his dead son back to the show every day after, pleading for Reinhard Bonnke to bring him back to life!
And all the people who got trampled to death in the crowd and nobody even coming to claim the bodies and bury them!

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