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Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer


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Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer Empty Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sat 06 May 2017, 20:29

(originally posted on 29 Apr 2015)

Sue Farrow's editorial from Psychic News- Magazine 61, May 2015 :

Unprecedently, I'm writing this editorial letter to you an hour after our May issue should have gone to press.

We have just received the exceedingly sad news that our good friend and columnist, the gifted international Spiritualist medium Colin Fry, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The whole Psychic News team is shocked that Colin should have to face this ordeal at the age of just 52.  But as you will see from the full report on the next page, the medium who has brought the truth of survival to millions around the world through his many TV programmes has vowed to fight on with the loving support of his partner Mikey.  Colin, a powerful healer himself, is now in need of the healing thoughts of us all.  Whether or not you are a believer in spiritual healing, please take just a moment each day to ask that healing energy is sent in Colin's direction to help and support him through the difficult days ahead.

Courageously, as you will see from his statement, Colin intends to continue his work as a medium and Spiritualist minister whenever his energy levels will allow.  He also has plans to launch various charitable projects, including one to help animals, for whom he has a passionate love.  Colin and Mikey, to say our thoughts are with you is an understatement.  We wish you the very best in your continuing journey together.  May good things come to you beyond anything you can imagine.


link  The online version of this edition of Psychic News can be found here:

TV medium Colin Fry diagnosed with terminal cancer but vows, “The show must go on"

Read the official Press Release HERE at Colin Fry's website:  link


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Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer Empty Re: Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer

Post by archangelsecrets on Sat 11 Jan 2020, 18:41

God bless him I will pray for him =(

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Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer Empty Re: Colin Fry diagnosed with cancer

Post by ariel on Sun 12 Jan 2020, 12:24

archangelsecrets, I'm not sure if you realise that this is an old post from nearly five years ago?

Just four months later this was the situation

read link  arrowright TV medium Colin Fry dies aged 53

    Current date/time is Wed 15 Jul 2020, 20:20