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Colin Fry and the Skeptics


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Colin Fry and the Skeptics

Post by Candlelight.kk on 14th May 2017, 17:49

27 Aug 2015, 23:51

'TV psychic Colin Fry predicted he would be trolled by sceptics in powerful letter just days before his death'

Not exactly an astounding prediction, as he was constantly trolled by the skeptics while alive, so it goes without saying .........

The Mirror reports:
Psychic Colin Fry predicted that people would doubt his work following his death.

The TV psychic penned a powerful letter to his management last week knowing he was very unwell. He lost his battle to terminal lung cancer in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The star of Most Haunted – who was 53-at the time of his death - revealed he had done nothing he was ashamed of as he gave his management instructions for after his death.

Appearing to predict the future he wrote: “I have no doubt that once I am gone, the sceptics will come out of the wood work with lies and half truths, you know I don't give a damn, however, those who know me, know the truth, and that's all that matters. “I have done nothing in my life I am ashamed of, I know I have only ever tried to help people.”

Read more:

(Includes video of possibly Colin Fry's last ever TV interview)
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Re: Colin Fry and the Skeptics

Post by mac on 14th May 2017, 17:51

28 Aug 2015, 17:23

Like trolls such maggots crave attention. Every mention of them feeds sick, anti-social minds.

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Re: Colin Fry and the Skeptics

Post by JDBP on 14th May 2017, 17:52

23 Jun 2016, 10:20

I didn't troll him after his death?
As possibly the ONLY skeptic he openly admitted his liked and spoke too, after his death I actually defended him.
And yes I was highly critical of him, and even famously called on him to die a hero and not a villain, it was only after his death that I found out some of the true reasons behind his fraud.

And after a brief issue with Mikey Fry, someone I ripped to shreds, I actually somewhat made up with him and let him be.

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