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Psychic News - November 2017


Psychic News - November 2017

Post by Candlelight.kk on 25th October 2017, 18:24

November 2017 issue of Psychic News is now available

Contents include:

- Will & Grace actor reveals mother’s spirit return
- Liam Gallagher claims John Lennon is his spirit guide

- Gloria Hunniford’s daughter sends ‘signs’ from beyond


• Gary Mannion emerges from the dark … but fails to convince

• Jimmy: my invisible friend – new school chum was not imaginary

• Seeing is believing? The illusion of the senses

• Tom Petty song inspired by Florida Spiritualist camp

Also included:

  • Actor Tony Booth spoke of bizarre astral excursions

  • 'Flatliners’ stars tell of their close brushes with death

  • Healer faces jail over claim to cure cancer

  • Prayers and placebos – Do they work or not? And what are the scientific reasons?

  • Ghosts from the deep – Did spirit communication or remote viewing shed light on lost Franklin Expedition?

  • Spiritual art – nature and animal-loving medium and spiritual artist Dawn Pfeufer shares her spiritual story and some of her fascinating work

  • The beast of Merionethshire – John West explores strange encounters in Wales

And much, much more

Psychic News website:

Re: Psychic News - November 2017

Post by Candlelight.kk on 25th October 2017, 18:58

Extract from November 2017 issue of Psychic News
(by the Editor)

What does an alleged physical medium do with himself after he has been exposed as a blatant fraud?

The answer should be that he disappears from the Spiritualist movement and finds a useful way of making a living instead of duping people who are grieving.

In the case of Gary Mannion, however, the answer seems to be that - after a suitable period of keeping out of the public spotlight following the release of a video showing him impersonating a materialised spirit - he has resumed his séance room performances.

Just as astonishing is the fact that there are venues, run presumably by individuals with the best of intentions but who must be aware of his fraudulent past, that are prepared to allow him to resume his "mediumistic" activities.


to be continued ...

Read more:  In the dark with Gary Mannion (finally exposed as FRAUD)
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Re: Psychic News - November 2017

Post by mac on 25th October 2017, 21:09

I'm losing my former resolve, kk, and thinking about buying another subscription to PN.  very happy

The printed version is my preference but it's no good during winter when I'm not at home.  There's also an app-based subscription that's interactive along with the .pdf file downloadable version.  I've used the latter but don't know anything about the former, apparently containing videos.

Do you know anything about or have you tried the interactive version, kk? Any thoughts if you haven't?

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