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5-minute Meditation


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5-minute Meditation

Post by Candlelight.kk on 15/5/2017, 14:52

10 Jun 2012, 18:56
I borrowed this from somewhere else - as it's something I do on a regular basis, especially when things get a bit stressed - although that aside, I do think it a very valuable practise for everyone whatever their situation to make this mini meditation a regular daily thing, simply to attune into yourself, relax the mind (and body) completely, get in tune with your breathing and blend into your surroundings.

When I was younger (lucky enough to have grown up in a very beautiful part of the world with mountains, sea and all the wonders of nature constantly at my fingertips) it all came very naturally to me, it was something I would do without even giving it a second thought. Nowadays it needs a little thought to set aside the time and place, but very well worth it. Seeing this was a little reminder for me, and starting from today I'm going to get back into the "flow" - by doing this little mini-meditation regularly, at least once a day.

Make yourself comfortable

You don't have to be in the sitting or laying position to meditate. You can even do this meditation in the bathroom. If you can't find a place to sit this meditation can also be done standing.

Drop your shoulders and gently roll the head around to relax the neck muscles. Comfortably place the arms loose by your sides.

If you are doing this in the standing position make sure that your knees too are relaxed and not locked in position.
Do the same thing as above drop the shoulders and gently roll the neck. Loosen the tensions. Arms comfortable resting at your side.

Close your eyes. Relax your jaw and facial muscles. Make note of any tensions you are holding in your body.
Release all these tensions. Focus on relaxing all the muscles of the body.

Focus on your breathing

With the eyes gently closed focus on the Third Eye ( this is located between the eyes and just above the eyebrows). Here you are focusing your thoughts on your inner vision.

Very deliberately, take in a slow, deep breath. Imagine that you are breathing in all the positive energy of the Earth .

Thinking relaxing, positive thoughts.

You are breathing in the very power and energy of life. You are bringing in that essential life giving oxygen . You will feel the power of your breath from the top of your head to the ends of your toes.

Now slowly let out the breath.

Visualize that you are letting go of all the tensions and stress that you are holding in the body. Letting go of all the negative energy. Letting go of any anger and frustrations. Feel it drain from your body and feel the body settle into a relaxed state.

You should feel a change in just doing the ONE breath cycle. Keep the focus on the Third Eye and repeat this breath cycle about 20 times. Keep with the focus, positive energy flowing into the body and negative energy flowing out of the body.

After 5 minutes ( to time this one can use a phone alarm ) very slowly open your eyes. What you will notice is that the space around you feels and looks calmer. There is a feeling of peacefulness in your body.

In starting your day with this it is found that this peaceful feeling will stay the day with you. This is a good mini meditation to do when you have a stressful situation arise. Examples kids, co workers, workload, as it can be done even in the middle of a crowed city on your lunch.
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Re: 5-minute Meditation

Post by Stardust on 15/5/2017, 14:57

03 Jul 2012, 15:31

Great. I had a horrid phone conversation with a supplier (you know the sort, that talk down to customers, nasty little brutes) and the steam was coming out of my ears.

Did this lovely short meditation. After a few seconds I felt my arms and hands tingling, then saw bright blue and yellow streamers behind my eyelids, then drifted quietly off into an immense desert of pink sand where I sat in a pretty little oasis, nobody else for miles all round, just a sea of pink sand.

When I opened my eyes again I felt serene and all the heaviness had disappeared.

Thanks, Candlelight.  happyheart

A gentle whisper like the breeze sighing, so easy to miss, listen carefully...

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Re: 5-minute Meditation

Post by Candlelight.kk on 15/5/2017, 15:00

08 Jul 2012, 18:04

Glad it worked for you, Stardust.  Smile
Apparently Bruce Forsyth does this mini meditation as a matter of routine just before the beginning of his shows. No wonder he always appears so calm and serene, yet alert and full of beans.  thumb
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Re: 5-minute Meditation

Post by Stardust on 15/5/2017, 15:02

09 Jul 2012, 11:58

You're telling me he's still alive! How old must he be by now?
And still doing shows - you're having me on, Candlelight !?!

A gentle whisper like the breeze sighing, so easy to miss, listen carefully...

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Re: 5-minute Meditation

Post by Candlelight.kk on 15/5/2017, 15:27

@Stardust wrote:
You're telling me he's still alive! How old must he be by now?
And still doing shows - you're having me on, Candlelight !?!

Just came across this post - from 5 years ago .... Here is your answer, Stardust. An up-to-date article in The Mirror, 12th May 2017:

'Bruce Forsyth 'is getting better' reveals his wife -
but there are no plans for TV return'

The former Strictly Come Dancing host, 89, spent five days in intensive care in March with his wife at his bedside, while suffering with a chest infection

Bruce Forsyth is “getting better every day”, his wife Wilnelia says - though she is unsure if he will ever return to our screens.

The former Strictly Come Dancing host, 89, spent five days in intensive care in March with his wife at his bedside, while suffering with a chest infection.

Speaking about his condition, Wilnelia, 59, tells the Mirror: “He is alright. He is getting better every day. He is moving around the house slowly.

“He does not like to be unwell.”

Bruce thanked NHS staff at St Peters Hospital for their care throughout his illness, as he was accompanied by nurses as he was taken home to Virginia Water in Surrey.

Asked if he is considering a return to TV, Wilnelia, speaking at the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards in London, said: “I am not sure... He has worked hard all of his life.”

In March, his manager said “no formal or informal decision” had been made regarding Bruce’s retirement.

In 2015, Brucie suffered a fall and discovered he had two life-threatening aneurysms – blood-filled swellings on his arteries - which required surgery.

Wilnelia said last year: “The operation took his energy because of his age. Some days are better than others. On the not-so-good days, he tries to rest.”

She added: “He’s the man I fell in love with because his brain is there. He has a bit of a problem moving, but we still laugh and talk. I pray, I believe. The main thing is that he’s doing well. The pain is more emotional; sometimes we cry, but mostly we laugh.”

In April last year, Bruce was too frail to attend the funeral of his close friend Ronnie Corbett.

In February, on Bruce’s 89th birthday, Wilnelia posted on Instagram, wishing the star “a ton of health” and writing: “You may be a year older, but you are still the same man that I fell in love with all those years ago.

Read more:

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