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Spirit of PN ~ Issue 5 (March 2011)


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  Spirit of PN ~ Issue 5 (March 2011) Empty Spirit of PN ~ Issue 5 (March 2011)

Post by Candlelight.kk on 3rd May 2017, 11:40

Issue No. 5 now available to read online

Do you smell Ectoplasm?
Debate:  For an Against - Physical Mediumship
Tom Harrison's "little yellow book" back in print
Spotlight on the Churches - Bournemouth Spiritualist Church
Ten things "big" churches can do that small churches can't
The Great Shark Case
I am afraid of dying
George Fox and the Healing Revival
West End is not Cowardly about spirited production
Spiritualist Dame loses her title
Miraculous escape for physical circle
70th birthday for White Eagle in Kensington
Help raise £6 million for Royal Marines
Lis Warwood's Snippets from the Past:  Death of James Burns

Read Issue 5 in full online   Spirit of PN ~ Issue 5 (March 2011) Anj_rightHERE

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