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Psychic News - March 2021 issue


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Psychic News - March 2021 issue Empty Psychic News - March 2021 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk Mon 1 Mar 2021 - 17:57

Psychic News - March 2021 issue

now available

Inside the March 2021 issue of Psychic News:

World expert Judy Hall tells how crystals can enhance your life in “The Magic of Crystals.”

We interview leading psychic researcher Tricia Robertson, who says “Life after death is a reality.”

Barbara White reflects on how the seasons affect us in “Seasonal spirituality,” and Graham Jennings investigates sympathetic magic, the ancient origins of the swastika and how Spiritualism first reached the UK.

We meet medium Pauline Firks, who is also heavily involved in helping stray cats both in the UK and Spain.

Following the release of the film “The Dig” on Netflix, Roy Stemman digs deep into how a Spiritualist and medium played vital roles in finding hidden Anglo-Saxon treasure at Sutton Hoo in “The lady and the mound.”

Relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we hear how Stourbridge Spiritualist Church has been turned into NHS vaccination centre, how psychics are helping “to deal with sudden loss,” how the crisis has caused a “surge of interest in Spiritualism,” how a Spiritualist church in Devon has been turned into a food bank, and The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain is to hold a special memorial meeting for all those who passed on during the pandemic.

Plus Billy Roberts unlocks the secret code of precognitive dreams, Medium Robert Brown answers your questions, and the second part of John West’s interview with paranormal investigators Phil and Sara Whyman.

In the news:
Alv Hirst offers some valuable advice on filling in your religion in next month’s census form in “Make Spiritualism count in the census.”
Mystery surrounds a historic handkerchief signed by thirteen leading Spiritualists in 1957 after it was purchased from eBay.
American businessman offers almost $1 million in a quest for evidence that life after death exists.

All this plus “A Good Read,” our monthly sudoku competition, Psychic News’ new YouTube channel goes live, spiritual art, news, views and much more.

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