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Psychic News - April 2020


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Psychic News - April 2020 Empty Psychic News - April 2020

Post by Candlelight.kk Wed 25 Mar 2020 - 17:45

Psychic News - April 2020

Psychic News - April 2020 Cover120-April-2020-FRONTPAGE

Inside the April 2020 issue of Psychic News magazine...
Cassady Cayne on “Living life with good vibrations”: Written especially for Psychic News, Cassady explains high vibrational living and includes some positive thoughts for each day of the week.

Union issues guidance on coronavirus: Minister David R. Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, outlines the steps it has taken to keep its churches, colleges, students and staff as safe as possible

Past Life Regression: Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess outlines some of the astonishing details which emerged when people were regressed to a former existence and the positive effect it had on their present lives.

Nurse sees spirit forms in hospital: Medium Glynis Amy Allen, a former senior hospital nurse, describes some of her paranormal experiences.

How to send universal healing: Billy Roberts suggests a simple but effective exercise to send distant healing.

Also in features, Barbara White delves into the origins of Easter. Medium Robert Brown answers your spiritual questions. Medium Stephen O’Brien dismisses the idea that there are “lost souls” who need help. Graham Jennings homes in on the healing touch of monarchs, messages given in a language the medium has no knowledge of, and beings from another dimension.

John West investigates some unusual hauntings in the city of St Albans, such as music and singing being heard from its locked Abbey.

In the news:
A unique collection of Jack Webber séance photos are saved from skip.
Sally Morgan tells of death threats from trolls.
Healing organisations plan an online “Big Heal.”
The RAF plans to post UFO sightings online.
And much more

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