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Tony Stockwell - Fri 07 Sep 2018, 11:17

From that interview, Tony Stockwell says:
“I don’t try to convince people, I let them make up their own minds. The evidence will convince them although some people are never going to believe, no matter what names, addresses and inside leg measurement you offer.

“All I would say is to allow people that do believe in an afterlife and mediumship to have that belief if they choose to, it’s their right to have their own faith as much as it’s others right to be sceptical. Most sceptics seem to think believers are gullible, needy and desperate, but in my opinion that’s absolutely not the case. Most people are pretty smart and have come to an educated and researched opinion. Most people I demonstrate for are quite demanding and nothing other than proof is sufficient, and rightfully so,” he said.

I like that Tony has such a philosophical outlook.  A very spiritual person, empathy oozes from him.  A more genuine person you could not hope to find.  I was in the audience at one of his shows earlier this year.  Even in a theatre packed with people his calming essence dominates.  Those sceptics should go to one of his shows and see and feel it for themselves.

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Tony Stockwell on Instagram: “Remembering Colin Fry today on the third anniversary of his return home to Spirit. Lots of happy memories in my mind. It’s maybe little…known that Colin and I were friends and colleagues long before our work for living TV. Two young budding mediums and whipper snappers. Thoughts for Colin’s family today, especially his husband Mikey ❤️ #colinfry #spirit #mediumship

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