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Your Path Number ?

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Your Path Number ?

Post by Candlelight.kk on Tue 16 May 2017, 16:37

02 Feb 2008, 18:06

Here's how you calculate it:

Example: Your birthday 24th October 1967

First convert the day of birth to a single digit or master
number. - i.e. 24.10.1967
24 ( 2 +4 ) = 6

Convert the month to a single number or a master number
(November stays 11 rather than 2).

so 6 + 10 (October) = 16

Next, add the total digits of year and reduce this sum to
a single digit or master number
1967 ( 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 ) = 23 ( 2 + 3 ) = 5

Add 6 + 16 + 5 gives you 27 ( 2 + 7 ) = 9

The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits
or master numbers, are then added together, as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or to the numerology "master numbers," 11 or 22. These master numbers, as components of the date or as a
final result, are not reduced any further.

Your path number for birth date 24.10.1967 would be 9

Here's a short explanation of each:

Life Path Interpretations

Number 1

You are all about power. Number 1's often become great
leaders. For this reason, they make great entrepreneurs,
freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers.

A number one is usually blessed with motivation, enthusiasm,
creativity and inspiration. They tend to be physically
healthier and mentally stronger than most people are.

They often lust for success (especially material) at any
cost. Number 1s who stray from their paths often end up
in clingy codependent relationships.

Number 2

You are all about love. The most important thing to you
is finding a soul mate. Those following a number 2 Life Path
tend to be diplomatic, sensitive individuals make great
judges, mediators, lawyers counselors or social workers
as they bring harmony to all group situations.

It is very important for them to get out and socialize.

A number 2 that is isolating courts pessimism, lethargy
and depression.

Number 3

You are all about performance! Number 3s are entertainers
of the world and most of them are truly gifted musicians,
writers, actors, dancers, public speakers and politicians.

The number 3 life path is one that is characterized by
beauty, excitement, eccentricity and fame. Number 3's
stray off their life path by giving up their dreams and
talents. Many escape into drug abuse or promiscuity to
avoid hearing the nagging voice of their true calling to
express their talents.

Number 4

You are all about stability! Number 4's often end up
becoming the pillars of the community. These individuals
are hard working, practical and trustworthy.

These loyal individuals make fantastic marriage and
business partners.

However, self-sacrificing number 4's often demand too much
both of themselves and others and develop reputations as
martyrs or tyrants. Their will power and stubbornness can
also be interpreted as greed and selfishness.

This completely baffles the confused number 4 whose
intentions are usually to benefit the good of all.

Number 5

You are all about freedom! 5's are highly inquisitive
individuals who consider hands on experience to be the
best teacher in life. Many of them are deeply intelligent,
philosophical and spiritually minded. They are also great
communicators that make excellent social anthropologists,
archaeologists, teachers, writers and historians.

However, fives tend to be very self-absorbed and unaware
of the effect of their actions on other people. As other
people often feel tricked or fooled by number 5's,
experiencing a series of broken relationships is also
often a part of their path.

Number 6

You are all about nurturing. Number Six Life Path are
usually people-pleasers that have a great need to feel
indispensable to others. For this reason many number 6's
often dedicate their lives to being care givers and
service providers such a doctors, nurses, counselors,
fire fighters and law keepers.

Sixes usually feel a spiritual obligation to help others.
Sixes that find themselves enslaved to an addicted or
mentally ill partner might not be following their true
path, as this is a sign that they have become enablers,
rather than healers of the diseases.

Number 7

You are all about knowledge! Sevens intellectual and
studious personalities often pursue advanced academic
careers. As they love to absorb information, they usually
require a great deal of private time to cultivate their

These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make great
mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and
doctors. A sign that a number 7 has strayed completely
off of his or her life path is a complete withdrawal
from society.

In this case, the troubled 7 should try to recognize
his or her original ambitions to improve the world
through the application of wisdom.

Number 8

You are all about wealth. Number 8s are usually confident,
charismatic individuals. Usually their life purpose is
learning to manipulate money and power without becoming
corrupted in the process. They become landowners,
builders and bankers.

Eights have tremendous potential for practically improving
the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people.
Sometimes the pursuit of riches becomes more important
than personal relationships and cost them their personal
relationships, morality and popularity.

Number 9

You are all about spirituality. Those on the number 9
Life path are destined to travel a humanitarian path.
These sophisticated individual are very selfless souls
and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from
the very beginning to the end of their life.

These individuals make great environmentalists, teachers,
artists, priests and healers. Sometimes a nine's lofty
ideals are presented in a manner that others find absurd.

Part of a 9's life path is to express spiritual principles
through actions, rather than through preaching or

Number 11

You are about enlightenment. Elevens tend to lead a life
of extremes. In their quest to find a balance between
the rational and the irrationality they will often pursue
the most eclectic of religions and cultures.

These avant-garde and visionary individuals make great
students, psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, writers,
musicians and artists.

Many of them are "wounded healers" who at some point in
their life suffer a devastating experience that propels
them on the search for spirituality. However along with
these situations usually comes a lot of toxic emotional
baggage and a harsh inner critic.

It takes many 11's their entire life to rid themselves of
the chip on their shoulder and achieve enlightenment.

Number 22

You are a master builder. Whatever a 22 thinks about is
almost sure to become manifest so it is very important for
them to choose their thoughts carefully. If they are
willing to work for what they desire they can achieve
enormous prestige, success and fame.

They are the most capable of the Life Path numbers and
are endowed with many powers. They have a unique talent
for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality. Sometimes
they display what looks like insensitivity but actually
they are just very focussed on their goals.

This is part of a spiritual directive to be detached from
objects and the outcome of events. Many of them work for
material gain, with the idea that their wealth should be
spread among the masses.

I'm a number 9. The spiritualist.

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Re: Your Path Number ?

Post by liz on Tue 16 May 2017, 16:39

03 Feb 2008, 00:02

I;m number 3,quite a good summings up is that,
mind you not all of it,  Rolling Eyes
that would be telling which ones is right and which is wrong.
lol lol lol
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Re: Your Path Number ?

Post by Feather on Tue 16 May 2017, 16:44

24 May 2008, 12:43

Mine is an 8!!!! Total crap in my case. I have never pursued wealth. Mind you, knowing me, I've probably made a mistake in the
calculation. Anyway, 8 is all wrong for me.   Crying or Very sad

Banish the darkness of ignorance. Encourage the light of knowledge.
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