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Your Board Style choice


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Your Board Style choice

Post by Candlelight.kk on Tue 18 Apr 2017, 22:20

I haven't changed the Board Style for a while now, as the latest [existing] one (3myl_promenu) ended up being a popular choice and it was opted to keep it at that style.

However, from now on there will be an option for members to individually choose the style of their personal preference, so if/when a member decides to change the style of the Forum, that change will only show for that member and will not affect other users of the Board.

At present you are looking at 3myl_promenu. This one is my favourite and has been showing for a quite a while as the default style on the board. Now, if you wish to change the style for your own personal use, here's what you need to do:

1. Go to your User Control Panel
2. Click the 'Board Preferences' box
3. Look for 'Board Style' in the list. You will see a little box next to it - showing 3myl_promenu (which is the current style). Click the little arrow next to that and you will find the following list of styles:

Black Pearl

Click on either Black Pearl or RoyalBLUE and don't forget to click 'SAVE' down the bottom (or is it 'SUBMIT') whichever one it is, you are just saving the choice you have made. The Board style will then appear to you in that changed style. You can of course do that action as many times as you like, reverting back to 3myl_promenu, or trying out a different one; even change it every week if you wish!

(I might add some further styles to the choice from time to time - but won't take away the 3 that we already have).

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