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Psychic News - February 2020


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Psychic News - February 2020 Empty Psychic News - February 2020

Post by Candlelight.kk Thu 30 Jan 2020 - 17:51

Psychic News - February 2020 issue

Psychic News - February 2020 Cover118-February-2020-FRONTPAGE

Inside the February 2020 issue of Psychic News magazine, motivational speaker Uri Geller is seeking a position in Boris Johnson’s government, after the Prime Minister’s most senior aide called for those on the “frontiers of the science of prediction” to apply for a variety of official positions.

Dr Helen Sharman, who was the UK’s first astronaut, says it is possible aliens are “here right now and we simply can’t see them”.

Psychic artist Tony Katz, and his mediumistic wife Beverley, tell of spirit test contained in his first psychic drawing.

Spiritual teacher and bestselling author Matt Kahn shares his ‘10 Golden Rules’ for life.
Barbara White delves into various superstitions, including some which home in on Valentine’s Day.

Publisher Nigel Peace looks at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary legacy and his Spiritualist beliefs, which he sometimes wove into his works.

Bestselling author Cassandra Eason shares accounts sent to her of various spirit returns.
World’s largest Ouija board goes on display.

‘Will & Grace’ actor makes spirit return to husband.

TV’s Derek Acorah passes to spirit.

Graham Jennings investigates Chicago’s most famous ghost, evil eye talismans and grimoires.

John West highlights some supernormal photographs, which he believes “cannot be explained away by a sceptic as simple trickery”.

We feature the latest news from around the world and give you the chance to win a fabulous five-day residential course with top mediums and tutors Eileen Davies and Darren Brittain.

Plus much, much more...


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