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Mediums and Sensitives


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Mediums and Sensitives

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Mediums and Sensitives

Since the beginning of the modern period of interest in psychic matters and survival in the middle of the nineteenth century, there have been many gifted people - usually called mediums or sensitives - who have offered their services to help those seeking information about these subjects. Either to gain knowledge about, and communication with, those members of their families who have died; or to further the cause of psychic research so that humanity can gain a greater understanding about the purpose of life and their place in the universe. Many of these individuals have written auto- biographical accounts of their activities or have had books written about their lives as sensitives.

Mediums are usually divided into two groups, ‘mental’ and ‘physical’ mediums. Mental mediums operate through extra-sensory perception (ESP), a heightened degree of awareness of the spiritual world, in that they seek to communicate with discarnate spirits through clairvoyance (inner sight) or clairaudience (inner hearing). Another manifestation of mental mediumship is that of ‘automatic writing’, where communications from the other side are transmitted through the hand-writing of the medium - normally in a script totally unlike that of the individual sensitive. Physical mediums are those who demonstrate psycho-kinetic (PK) phenomena; the ability to produce raps and similar noises, the levitation or movement of objects (often heavy furniture), moving lights, touches by seemingly ‘ghostly’ hands, and apports (the production of objects apparently out of nowhere). ‘Direct voice’ is a form of physical mediumship where the voices of spirit communicators are produced, not directly from the medium but from close by. Materialisation mediums are those who, by production of the substance ectoplasm, are able to build up semblances of the dead which - in the best examples - have appeared in a form identical to their original living counterparts (and often recognised as such by their bereaved relatives). Mediums may operate in full consciousness or in trance; in the latter state they are temporarily taken over by a spirit ‘control’ or ‘guide’, or by other entities introduced by the control.

The following section consists of a list of the books giving accounts of the work of a selection of the better-known sensitives particularly of the mid and later twentieth century. ... itives.htm

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