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My Psychic Adventures (by J. Malcolm Bird)


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book My Psychic Adventures (by J. Malcolm Bird)

Post by Candlelight.kk Tue 12 Sep 2017 - 21:04

My Psychic Adventures
by J. Malcolm Bird


  • The Problem of Psychic Research
  • Subjective Phenomena and the Hypothesis of Telepathy
  • Physical Mediums and Physical Phenomena
  • The Scientific American and Psychic Research
  • Mediums and Other Folk of Psychic Note
  • My First Scéance
  • Another Sitting with John Sloane
  • A Clairvoyant Sitting with Mrs Osborn Leonard
  • A Noisy Evening in the Suburbs
  • A Brilliant Session with Evan Powell
  • A Photographic Scéance with William Hope
  • Psychic Adventures in Paris
  • Psychic Adventures in Berlin and Munnich
  • Apports in Berlin
  • Home Again - and a Scéance with Ada Besinnet
  • A Slate-Writing Scéance

In the early 1920s Scientific American magazine offered two $2,500 prizes as rewards to any medium who could satisfy its panel that they were genuine. J. Malcolm Bird, associate editor of the Scientific American was on the panel, as well as Houdini, among others.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a strong advocate of spritualism, urged the Scientific American to send someone to England and the continent where Sir Arthur promised to obtain sittings with prominent mediums. J. Malcolm Bird decided to go himself to see these mediums (and it seems, was not totally impartial to their claims). This is his account.

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J. Malcolm Bird
Author, Research Officer of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) from 1925-31. His first touch with psychical research was established in 1922 when he served as secretary on the committee of The Scientific American, of which he was an associate editor, for the investigation of the physical phenomena of Spiritualism. On Conan Doyle's suggestion he was sent to Europe to collect observations for a supplement to the report. He sat with John Sloan, Mrs. Osborne Leonard, William Hope, Mrs. Deane, Evan Powell and Frau Maria Vollhardt.

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