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[solved] Problems logging in from your mobile, iPad or tablet?


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solved [solved] Problems logging in from your mobile, iPad or tablet?

Post by Candlelight.kk Wed 5 Jul 2017 - 13:14

This is apparently an issue that some people have been experiencing recently on other forums (where the affected members have contacted the Admin to let them know).  I have not had anyone contact me from here regarding this problem - when we had the Shoutbox it would have been the ideal place to report such a problem... but just to remind members:  There are other avenues that you can use to easily report any problems you might be having when trying to log in (or indeed any other problems you wish to report):

  1. You can send a message through the 'Contact' area on the forum.  (by clicking on the word 'Contact'  in the blue bar down the very bottom of the forum.  Any message reported there will go directly to me as admin of the forum.
  2. You can post your problem in the Open House Guest Area of Krazykats forum - where guests and non-members can post without needing to be logged in to the forum.  This is located towards the bottom of the Index page, just before the Members Only Area.  Direct link:

(There is currently no Open House Guest Area here on Light After Life forum, but I have plans to create one at some time in the near future, as I think it's a very handy facility to have)

Back to this particular problem now - trouble logging in to the Mobile version (which I have only just learned about through the Support Forum, where some other forums have reported the issue up there.)

The issue has arisen following a recent update on apple devices.  Following the update, cookies were automatically blocked on devices and that's why people were unable to log in.

If you have been affected by this issue, here is the simple, quick & easy solution (posted on the Support Forum):
The problem 'is' the cookies.
The new update on apple devices was set to 'block cookies', for us anyhow.
You have to go into setting, Safari (or whatever browser) and 'block cookies', then, click 'allow'. Otherwise, you just go in circles trying to log in - and, you get no errors telling you why - you just can't log in anywhere.
We did not have to reset the phone, but probably a good idea.

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solved Re: [solved] Problems logging in from your mobile, iPad or tablet?

Post by Misty Sat 8 Jul 2017 - 14:56

Can we not still use the shout box? Whats happened to it?  I miss it.

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