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Paranthropology Empty Paranthropology

Post by Candlelight.kk on 23rd May 2017, 00:33

This is not the latest edition, but lots of interesting stuff in here.

You can download or read this edition online here (January 2011):


    Survival Research Timeline - Michael TymnTowards a Social History of Spiritualism in Bristol - Jack HunterLearning from the Spirits: Investigating Candomblé, Umbanda, and Kardecismo Mediums in Recife, Brazil - Stanley KrippnerReport of a Physical Mediumship Seance - Jon Mees A Trance Mediumship Demonstration in Singapore - Fabian GrahamThe Importance of Mediumship Research - VariousIn Possession of My Senses? Reflections from Social Science on Engaging with the Otherworldly - Sara MackianClairvoyance, Class and Convention - Sophie Louise DrennanExperiences with Mediumship - Michael EvansThe Science and Struggle of Psi Research - Callum E. CooperThe Autonomy and Morphology of the Felix Experimental Group’s Ectoplasm - Dr. Jochen Soederlin

Mediumship is a rich and varied social phenomenonthat exists in one form or another on every continent. As such it cannot be understood from a single perspective. The aim of this issue of Paranthropology is to examine mediumship from a variety of perspectives, academic and experiential. To this end we present anthropological, parapsychological, historical and spiritualistic perspectives alongside each other, which makes for a fairly holistic approach to the subject.  In this issue Michael Tymn gives us an insight into the history of survival research, Stanley Krippner introduces us to Brazilian spiritist practices (Candomble, Umbanda and Kardecismo), Jon Mees describes a recent physical mediumship demonstration at Jenny’s Sanctuary, Fabian Graham describes an unusual encounter with mediumship in Singapore, Sara Mackian discusses methods for engaging with the otherworldy, Sophie Louise Drennan explores the sociological aspects of Victorian Spiritualism, Michael Evans gives an insight into his life’s experiences with Spiritualism, Callum E. Cooper discusses the “science and struggle of psi research”, Dr Jochen Soederling gives a detailed phenomenological account of the ectoplasm purportedly being produced by the Felix Experimental Group in Germany, and Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks introduces us to the mediumship investigation equipment on display at the American Society for Psychical Research.  In addition to all of this we have a fascinating feature with contributions from a wide range of mediumship researchers explaining why they feel the investigation of mediumship is a worthy cause that will benefit our understanding of both ourselves as human beings and the world we live in. And much more besides...We hope you enjoy.

Jack Hunter

The latest edition is out now (April 2012).
You can download or read from the above link

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