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Post by Candlelight.kk Sat 20 May 2017 - 23:55

08 Feb 2015, 13:07

What is The Telepathy Project?

Dr Diane Powell talks about it here:

and from Dr Diane Powell's Newsletter:

THE TELEPATHY PROJECT - Dr Diane Powell 912fc532-6b5d-42c5-91d7-aeb7d88500e7

Ram, the boy in the picture above, turned 5 years old in September. He is a prodigious savant who spoke his first word at 4 months. There are only a handful of prodigious savants in the world. Ram is even rarer, because he doesn't appear to be autistic, whereas over 90 percent of savants are. By age two Ram could read, write, and speak in seven languages: Spanish, Japanese, Greek, English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi! His mother can speak the first four, but not the others. Her son started writing strange letters one day, so she asked him what they were. He told her he was writing in Hebrew. She confirmed this by looking it up online. He has since written the complete Hindi and Arabic alphabets as well!

I evaluated Ram this past week. His drawings and pronunciations of the seven alphabets were completely correct. In the photo above I'm holding a paper on which he wrote the Hindi alphabet for me. Ram can also do math, including some rudimentary algebra. He grasped the concept of square roots after I showed him just one example, and could then tell me the square roots of 36 and 81.

Ram knows things to which he has never been exposed. Is he accessing the Akashic field? Could he be the reincarnation of a very special soul? Both are considerations, although he hasn't said anything to suggest that he remembers a past life.

I learned of Ram because he is also reportedly telepathic. I tried to test this, but he wasn't interested in a formal experiment yet. I came up with the idea of playing "hangman" with him and drew lines for the letters of the word I was thinking. The first word was "cat." He said "C" and then "cat"... within seconds. He quickly guessed the other words, scoring well above chance. We'll be playing this and other games often over the next few months.

Ram is exactly the kind of child I have been looking for. I will be meeting with him and his parents on a regular basis to assess and document his abilities, as well as aid him in his education. His mother needed to pull him out of public kindergarten where he was being picked on and bullied. I am looking into enrolling him in a private school more suited to his educational and social needs, with a full scholarship.

SPR review -

The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena
By Powell, Diane Hennacy

THE TELEPATHY PROJECT - Dr Diane Powell The_ESP_Enigma

From the publisher’s website: A revolutionary scientific explanation of psychic phenomena and the nature of human consciousness.

Although much is now known about the brain, relatively little has been determined about where consciousness comes from: What is the source of the “I” in our internal monologue? How does something as nonmaterial as consciousness arise from something material like the brain? Dr. Diane Powell, a Johns Hopkins–trained neuroscientist, has brilliantly reassessed the meaning and nature of consciousness by exploring research on the workings of psychic phenomena.

Over the past few decades several well-designed and rigorously supervised experiments have documented the existence of telepathic interconnection, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and out-of-body experiences. Mainstream science has largely ignored these data because they all defy the traditional model of consciousness as being solely the product of brain chemistry.

Building from these experiments, Powell constructs a new theory of consciousness. I ntegrating concepts from physics, neuroscience, and other disciplines, she offers an insightful and intriguing explanation of ESP, provocatively claiming that the existence of psychic abilities expands our understanding and appreciation of consciousness. Psychic abilities are also consistent with findings in modern physics: For example, psychokinesis implies that consciousness is a type of force field, while precognition suggests that the past, present, and future exist concurrently.

Eye-opening in its conclusions and exciting in its implications, The ESP Enigma will challenge your preconceived notions and expand your mind.

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