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Communicating without words


Communicating without words

Post by Candlelight.kk on 19th May 2017, 12:02

09 Dec 2012, 10:16

"The gesture is the thing truly expressive of the individual - as we think so we will act"
~ Martha Graham

Every movement and non-movement we make is a form of communication.
How do you communicate fear, withdrawal, avoidance, shutting down, disagreeing, and an uncaring attitude?
If you aren't sure, others can probably tell you.  Begin to pay attention to what your eyes and arms and facial expressions communicate.  Our body language speaks louder than our words.

"An avoidance of true commitment is tantamount to a relinquishment of my self-being; if I withdraw from it I am betraying not only the other but myself."
~ Karl Jaspers

Do you feel an urge or calling in you to be or do more?  Then honour it and open to more meaning and fulfillment by exploring your life purpose.  Maybe it is time to do life instead of life doing you!

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