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Games Arcade leaderboard trophies


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Games Arcade leaderboard trophies

Post by Candlelight.kk on Tue 16 May 2017, 20:38

so there
19 Dec 2016, 00:10

Candlelight.kk wrote:

Stardust wrote:
ariel has taken three of my trophies in the Arcade games during the last fortnight.   wagtail facepalm

Tell me about it! - Ariel, you secret score-stealer you! S/he's pushed me out of 2nd place back down to 3rd on the scoreboard.  wagtail
I keep getting these PMs telling me 'Ariel has stolen your trophy for blah blah ... '  gigle
Watch out, Stardust, I reckon s/he's on a path to knock you out of 1st place!
And ..... I know for a fact, Ariel, you are after my long-term Box of Chocolates and Yahtzee champ titles - because I've seen the notices on the Arcade Games page where you've been attempting to master those games in the middle of the night!  razz
I think I can safely say you've got no chance with either of those though! 

  lol - I must say, Ariel - I admire your determination.  very happy You don't give up easily, do you? ... But I think you've just got to face it now - try as you may (and I know you're still trying very hard ... Wink ) you're stuck with Bronze and no chance of you getting your hands on that Silver trophy again.  so there

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