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Post by Candlelight.kk Sun 14 May 2017 - 17:34

29 Apr 2015, 13:51

Skepticism is a primary tool of science. We'd be hypocrites if we never directed a skeptical eye towards Scientific Skepticism itself. Denied imperfections and errors are free to grow without limit, and Skepticism is not immune to this problem. Unbridled gullibility can destroy science, but unbridled disbelief is no less a threat because it brings both a tolerance for bias and ridicule as well as the supression of untested new ideas. Better to take a middle road between total closed-mindedness and total gullibility. Practice pragmatism, pursue humility, and maintain a clear, honest, and continuing view of ourselves and the less noble of our own behaviors.

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Some 'Skeptical' sources are filled with shameless emotional bias and intolerance of dissenting opinion. They adopt a stance of hostile apriori disbelief, they fill their arguments with logical fallacies, and they cultivate an attitude of sneering disgust for their so-called 'gullible' opponents. At the same time they hop on the coattails of science by presenting themselves as the voice of "reason." And despite their constant use of dishonest rhetorical techniques and fallacies of logic, they're convinced that they support rationality. In a word, they display the behavior which is the very definition of "pseudoscience."

However, we need to remain aware that many skeptics are not like this. Many skeptics actually practice reason and critical thinking, rather than simply giving them lip service and then ignoring them. Some examples are below.

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