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Knowledge can be opinion misspelt


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Knowledge can be opinion misspelt

Post by Candlelight.kk on Tue 09 May 2017, 23:13

31 Jan 2016

I recently came across a Bumper issue of the 'Psychic World' newspaper. Sub-headed 'The Voice of Spiritualism', it's an easy-read publication containing a nice selection of interesting articles and (quite important, as far as I am concerned) not overrun with intruding adverts - simply one page of Classified ads on the back page. A bit like the 'Psychic News' newspaper used to be in the olden days.

On the front page was an article by someone called Susan Motson, who appears to be a working medium whose name appears quite frequently as demonstrating at Spiritualist churches and centres throughout the UK.
The content of the article resonated with me and so I looked up Psychic World online in an attempt at finding a link to the article that I could reference as recommended reading for anyone interested in Spiritualism, or indeed matters of a spiritual nature (not necessarily the same thing). Unfortunately, that particular article was not available to link to, as the online version of the paper comes across as a different type of publication altogether, concentrating on commercially advertising the services of their 'specialised psychics'. The news articles seem to have a secondary value to the money-making potential of the psychics' services. (So, anyone interested in seeking a reading from their specialised psychics can jolly well go look up the website for themselves.)

Meanwhile, the article in question (the content of which I am so in agreement with), I have transcribed word-for-word below:


By Susan Motson

It appears to me that as far as spiritual matters are concerned, there is a surfeit of 'knowledge' accessible either in book form or nowadays via the internet.

What had puzzled me for years was the fact that despite the accessibility of this mass of 'knowledge' there was, and still is, a great deal of contradiction contained therein. How, I wondered, since there is only one God, Great Spirit, Supreme Being and this being so, only one truth, can be there be such discrepancies?

I accept the purported premise that the spiritual level of the communicating spirit relates directly to the level of knowlege of that Being. Also relevant would be the ability of the human author to keep his or her own thoughts and opinions from interfering during periods of such communications. This I am aware necessitates great discipline, as each one of us whether aware of the fact or not, draws upon our own personal memory bank and experiences in order to communicate facts which we feel in all honesty would assist or clarify certain points to the reader.

I am aware that each of us has personal responsibility and that to criticize others is not necessarily a good thing, but being human most of us fall into this faultfinding mode on occasion. Constructive criticism can be helpful if requested and accepted, but conversely can be destructive. I have witnessed fledgling mediums on fledgling nights, reduced to tears by harsh criticism, some of whom I know have subsequently turned their backs on spiritual progression being totally disillusioned with those whom they held in high esteem as having knowledge and consequently understanding. On such an occasion a small crack appears in my diplomacy dyke! Some of these critics are authors and I do wonder if their 'knowledge' is their opinion misspelt.

I have frequently been in spiritual discussions with people who start practically every sentence with "I know". I really want to respond with "Really, I know the opposite so we can't both be right can we?" I try, and hopefully succeed to refrain from the "I know" preface to "in my opinion or to the best of my knowledge". Could it be then, that the sources of some of the contradictions in 'knowledge' are actually again opinions misspelt wittingly or unwillingly?

Could there also be past or present a problem with some individuals assuming that they have access to infallible knowledge? The Spirit World does not work on the premise of assumption. (Both words have the same meaning.) There is nothing nebulous about the Great Spirit, nor about Divine Will as far as is understood - "Thy will be done."

I have created my own personal Law of Assumption. Spiritually I try not to assume anything. I could be totally wrong or totally right! I ask for clarification and guidance on anything I am tempted to assume. Let us face the fact that in the material world we continuously make assumptions. The most topical one here in the UK was the assumption "my money is safe in the bank because no one other than me has my pin number or access to my computer!"

It is my belief and I would think that everyone attempting to lead a spiritual life would agree, that each of us are on our own individual pathway and since we have the freedom in our belief system to approach the Supreme Being without the need of an intercessor each one of us can ask for guidance and furtherance in our understanding. There does come about an inward personal 'knowing' of spiritual matters that sit comfortably with one's level of spiritual progression, and hopefully an awareness that no one will ever attain complete 'knowledge'. This surely will only be attained with the 'eternal progress open to every human soul'.

May I suggest that the 'knowledge' to which we can all lay claim, is that there is no such thing as death, that this is not an opinion but has been proven countless times by so many to so many, regardless of their level of 'knowledge'.
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Re: Knowledge can be opinion misspelt

Post by Curious on Tue 09 May 2017, 23:15

01 Feb 2016

I'm also in agreement with this article, as what she says makes sense.

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