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DAVID WELLS (from Hayhouse Newsletter)


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DAVID WELLS (from Hayhouse Newsletter)

Post by Candlelight.kk on Mon 08 May 2017, 01:02

19 Feb 2008

Soul Mates
Our other half, that missing part, the one and only. Often we think of our soul mate as being our partner, husband or wife in this life, but is that really the case? Surely it could be argued that anyone who shares our life is a soul mate to one degree or another, does it have to be something that's expressed physically or is your soul mate someone who supports you through life's journey and indeed challenges you to be all that you can be? If there were only one soul mate for us in the whole of our lives, it would be a very lonely journey. Imagine making all that effort trying to find them? We travel as a soul group, familiar energies that have known each other often for hundreds if not thousands of years. We interact in each other's stories, teach each other lessons and take great joy in our reunions.
Your soul mates range from family to friends and even to your enemies. Those who cause you to look at yourself with different eyes, face up to your Karma, show your strengths and admit to your weaknesses, these are all soul mates. Past-life regression sessions with clients have shown me that soul mates come in all shapes and sizes and carry with them burdens to share and broad shoulders to welcome our own, they make our past lives easier to understand. The key is to recognise them and to recognise what gift they bring. Love is a given, even those who may appear to be anything but loving are teaching you something about yourself and they may have the hardest job of all. In return you are a soul mate and surely by that definition you are here to love, no matter how tough that can be on occasion.

David Wells will be presenting a one-day workshop on Past Life Regression - A Doorway to Your Soul on Saturday 15th March, 2008.
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Re: DAVID WELLS (from Hayhouse Newsletter)

Post by Stardust on Mon 08 May 2017, 01:03

I loved that, Candlelight. I can think of lots of soulmates for my own group, and not least my lovely Alsatian dog.

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Re: DAVID WELLS (from Hayhouse Newsletter)

Post by Voldsgaard on Mon 08 May 2017, 01:04

20 Feb 2008

I just heard that you hardly ever end up marrying your soulmate......

he or she will almost always know who you are and will be protecting you from the other side...

kinda nice to know isn't it?

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Re: DAVID WELLS (from Hayhouse Newsletter)

Post by Feather on Mon 08 May 2017, 01:06

23 Feb 2008

Am I being stupid here cos I don't understand what appears to me to be a contradiction?
Your soulmate protects you. Right? 1. Does that mean he/she must always be on the other side
from you or can you be protected by your soulmate while you are both on the earth plane?
2. If your life's plan is predetermined--and suppose it involved being eg killed in a car crash--
surely that cannot be changed and therefore you cannot be protected from it? I'm left with the
question,then, what's the point of a soulmate(which I think is someone you are supposed to
be with for eternity) if protection is impossible? Obviously he/she cannot always protect you?
I can see how someone you regard as your enemy, rival, etc could be your soulmate cos
sometimes the lessons that have to be learned are better taught by such a person but I have
problems with the rest of it.

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