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Latest publications from Hayhouse


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Latest publications from Hayhouse

Post by Candlelight.kk on Mon 08 May 2017, 01:00

19 Feb 2008

Latest publications from Hay House this month :

Temples on the Other Side
Sylvia Browne

In this book, Sylvia explores the many temples and halls that exist on the Other Side and how their functions can truly change your life.

Maximize Your Potential Through the Power of Your Subconscious Mind To Create Wealth and Success
Dr. Joseph Murphy

Within these pages, Dr. Murphy shares his four-step master key to wealth to guide you to abundance and continuing prosperity.

New Event with the Barefoot Doctor, Timothy Freke and Dr. David Hamilton

The Barefoot Doctor, the Philosopher and the Scientist
How to Create a Pure, Abundant Life by Attracting What You Want Today
A one-day workshop featuring The Barefoot Doctor, Timothy Freke and David Hamilton

The Scientist
During this interactive, practical and inspirational day, scientist and seeker David Hamilton will teach you how and why the Law of Attraction really works and how you can create the reality of which you dream. Dr Hamilton will teach you his nine principles for Inspired Attraction and help you to understand the forces of destiny and why some things are just meant to be.

The Philosopher
Bestselling author and stand-up philosopher Timothy Freke will show you how to wake up from your life dream so you can become really conscious in the here and now and fully enjoy what your life has to offer. Tim will explain how you can live in the state he calls 'lucid living', which is comparable to 'lucid dreaming', and which is readily available to everyone. His profound insights and practical guidance offer you everything you need to experience lucid living for yourself today.

The Barefoot Doctor
The Barefoot Doctor will teach you how to call guiding, protective spirits to your aid, helping you to make things change for you in the external world. This will allow you to see the subtext of what's really going on between you and others, so you can respond wisely to every situation, and manifest the reality you really want with all your heart by simply ordaining it to be so.
This day will offer you unique insights from three different perspectives into how you can achieve a fully conscious, abundant life. You will leave with the practical tools, the emotional well-being and the motivation you need to help you live a more inspired life from today onwards!
Saturday 21st June
The Shaw Theatre
100-110 Euston Rd, London NW1 2AJ
Ticket price: £75

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