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Post by Candlelight.kk on 5/5/2017, 21:55

(originally posted on 15 Jun 2008)

Loving thoughts included here for Stardust - wherever you are. We miss you Stardust, and hope all is well with you.

Give us "a sign" here just to let us know that all is well. xxx
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Re: Stardust

Post by lynneandjohn on 5/5/2017, 21:57

funny you added this candlelight as i was thinking about stardust yesterday. hope you are well stardust and content wherever you are luv lynne

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Re: Stardust

Post by Candlelight.kk on 5/5/2017, 21:58

YEAH! GREAT NEWS!! Stardust has given us a 'sign' - indirectly, somewhere else on the internet.

She has left a message for "all her old friends" not to worry about her; she is still in need of some quiet time - and that she DOES peep in from time to time. We can all rest easy now, and know that our friend Stardust will be back with us when she feels the time is right for her.

LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU STARDUST - Keep the candles burning! xxxxx
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Home away from home

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Re: Stardust

Post by lynneandjohn on 5/5/2017, 22:00

so glad to here she is ok. take care stardust. luv lynne
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Gold Star Member

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Re: Stardust

Post by Stardust on 5/5/2017, 22:03

28 Jul 2008

Everybody is so kind and I appreciate your thoughts. I won't name individuals because there are too many of you, but you know who you are, so thank you all.
I don't visit these forums so often now, just look in now and then and read an occasional post. But I haven't forgotten you, so it's wonderful to see that you also remember those of us whose paths have led elsewhere, temporarily we hope.
There are deserts to be crossed alone and I know I'm far from the only one so I wish strength and courage to others making their way across the sands. Thank goodness we don't all feel the need to retire into silence at the same time.
Psychic Barber are deleting non-posting members who don't manifest themselves, so they forced my hand there (maybe not such a bad thing since I'm posting here too today). I'm just glad I saw their post in time (with only days to go) to avoid being deleted from their member list at the end of the month. I hope nobody else gets "struck off" because they didn't see the warning in time.
What can I say, we have had two more bereavements in the family since I last posted (making three this year) and we all know how the questions pop up again each time, regarding the meaning of this life, whether there's an afterlife, etc, till the head spins and you feel dizzy trying to think straight and make it all out (sigh). I wish I had some of the answers but it seems that as soon as I'm almost touching one it opens the door to several more...

A gentle whisper like the breeze sighing, so easy to miss, listen carefully...

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Re: Stardust

Post by Candlelight.kk on 5/5/2017, 22:07

Stardust - I'm so very pleased that you've popped in. Yes, I saw your post on Psychic Barber - and words can't describe how happy I was to read that. (I've got no doubt in my mind that IT WAS MEANT! for PB to take that decision I mean) Synchronicity!

I'm so sorry that you've had the upset of further bereavement in your family. Please know that my sincere sympathies and thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
When those inevitable questions come up, Stardust - just try to remember those of us who have had (and still receive) ABSOLUTE EVIDENCE beyond a shadow of a doubt that we DO continue in existence after physical death. The loved ones that you have lost (temporarily) are still very much around you and aware of what you are going through. I HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT THIS IS SO. Please keep that little thought somewhere in your mind when the doubts and troubles surround you.

I'm really so thrilled to have been able to communicate with you again. You've never left my thoughts. HHH has seen to that.

Much love. Take care.
Candlelight xxxxxxxxxx
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Re: Stardust

Post by lynneandjohn on 5/5/2017, 22:09

big hello stardust!, so nice to see your name here, i had to look twice and there you were.
i am so sorry to hear of your further losses and will remember those you have lost in my prayers as well as yourself.
i so agree with candlelight about the certainty of the afterlife. i hope you find this within yourself as i have and that this belief rewards and comforts you as it has me.
i still tie myself up in knots with endless questions of the spirit world and communication but most importantly just the knowledge it is as real as we are is a gift in itself.
take care and don't be so hard on yourself, you are growing just like us all. luv lynne
Seasoned Poster
Seasoned Poster

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Re: Stardust

Post by Misty on 5/5/2017, 22:11

really great to see you back here stardust you were missed very much. so sorry for your losses.
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VIP Member

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Re: Stardust

Post by Feather on 5/5/2017, 22:12

I have tonight just seen your post in the "violins" thread here and then I came across this thread when I was looking for any more posts
you might have written. What can I say? I am so happy to know that you are OK. I'm sorry to hear that you have suffered losses in your
family. Life can be very hard but please know that we are thinking of you and sending our love to comfort you. I have missed you
dreadfully. We all have. A big hug and lots of love from Feather.xxxxxx.

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