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Exploring the mysteries of our existence: Life, Death and Beyond. Afterlife, Mediumship, Spiritualism: Death is not the end; I am but waiting for you for an interval ...

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PSYCHIC NEWS is back! Read online here


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  PSYCHIC NEWS is back! Read online here Empty PSYCHIC NEWS is back! Read online here

Post by Candlelight.kk on 3rd May 2017, 12:23

21 Jan 2012

'Psychic News'  Issue 1 (17th December 2011) is HERE


ITC: spirit communication for a digital age
Challenging the Daily Mail
Living the Spiritualist life
Still in the dark about physical mediumship?
Plus: Join our debate on Spiritualism and the media

Read first issue in full here:


Page 4 Challenging the Daily Mail
One man’s mission to right a wrong

Page 5 The Christmas Tree
Robin Winbow’s festive tale for children

Page 6 The J.V. Trust
What does it do? Eric Hatton explains

Page 8 Television and Spiritualism
Medium without a message?

Page 11 Chris Eldon Lee
Why a former BBC producer puts Spiritualism on the radio

Page 12 Healing benefits of mediumship
Medium Paul Bereton speaks to Susan Farrow

Page 14 Communication for a digital age
Interview with leading researcher Dr Anabela Cardoso

Page 16 Back to Scole?
For and against the republication of The Scole Report

Page 18 Living the Spiritualist life
David Hopkins on the challenges of spiritual living

Page 22 Physical mediumship
Lew Sutton sheds light on the evidence

Page 23 New venue for Edinburgh
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

Page 24 An interesting read
Graham Jennings looks at a Spiritualist love story

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