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Marion Dampier-Jeans


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Marion Dampier-Jeans

Post by JDBP on 3rd May 2017, 09:46

(originally posted on 17 Mar 2015)

That awkward moment when you a realise a medium you think is real (Marion Dampier-Jeans), is in with the likes of Warren Caylor and Victor Zammitt.

Oh dear it gets worse and worse the deeper I dig!

I have just got to speak to Colin Fry now about this woman, as I am sure he will know her!

OMG, thanks so much for giving me such material!

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Re: Marion Dampier-Jeans

Post by JDBP on 3rd May 2017, 09:46

She is into all of the most ridiculous types of spiritualism! HAhahahahaha

Did you even bother to google this fraud before you said your little story?

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Re: Marion Dampier-Jeans

Post by Candlelight.kk on 3rd May 2017, 09:49

You forgot to mention that this thread has arisen from a post that was made on another thread on this forum.

To clarify - this is the post in question:

Candlelight.kk wrote:You know what, Jon - You remind me so much of a guy I met many years ago - at the London-based Christmas party for Mecca chain of bookmakers.  I knew absolutely nobody there at that event, apart from my friend who was manager of the Edgware Road branch at the time.  I was there at her invitation, and for the meal part the tables were allotted to 10 seats at each table.  The conversation around our table got onto discussing mediums, and one guy was banging on about how what a lot of b---s--t it was, "they're all frauds, liars and cheats".  I asked him how did he know this and how could he be so sure - he replied that as far as he is concerned his dad was "dead and that's the end of it". (Turned out his dad had passed away only fairly recently - about 6/7 months previous).  As the guy had never even been to a medium and didn't even know exactly what it was they did, I suggested to him he couldn't really talk with such certainty about a subject he really knew nothing about and made the suggestion that he at least go and see for himself what it is they actually DO - and only then could he reasonably slag off the subject with such conviction.  IOW, shut up about it because you don't know what you're talking about!.  (This was long before 'Most Haunted' and all the related garbage so widely available these days).

He agreed to go with me on a day of his choosing to a demonstration at the SAGB, where in those days there was an hour-long walk-in-off- the-street Demonstration of Clairvoyance/Mediumship every single evening, with different mediums doing the dems every day.  You paid £5 on the door and go sit in the audience (of what in those days could be anything from 30 to 100 or so people).  The following Monday, two days later, we walk in the door there.  We found we had to pay a bit more that evening £7 instead of £5 - the reason, we were told, because there was a "visiting medium" doing the demo that day. 

The large room was packed solid and we squeezed in by the wall near to the back of the room.  When the medium came in I recognised her straight away as someone who had been a guest on the 'Terry Wogan' show on telly about 2 weeks previous (that'll give you an idea how long ago this was) - a young medium from Denmark, who Terry had been really taking the 'p' out of on the programme.

Yer man was the second person that she came to with a message - straight away saying his father had passed to spirit very recently, it was not yet a year, and she went on to describe him, the illness that he had when he died (which was apparently correct) and a whole load of things about his dad - details which of course I couldn't verify; all I knew was that it was correct that his dad was recently deceased as he had told me that much.

Every single thing that she told him he poo-poo'd, saying it was an easy guess about his father being dead, 'guessing' what he died of, 'guessing' (correctly) what his favourite tipple was, etc etc.  She was coming out with more and more quite detailed stuff and he just flatly fobbed everything off as a lucky guess.  She then actually addressed me - asking me "Is he always this stubborn?"   I said I don't really know as we'd only just met.  Then she said to him "I'm not giving up with you - I will come back to you".  She went on then to give messages to every single person in that room - and they were really detailed specific things that she was giving - telling (no questions or 'sounds like' or 'feels like' stuff).  She was supposed to be there for an hour, but went way over the time (much to the angst of the chairperson) because she insisted she wanted everyone there to get a message and didn't want anyone to miss out.  Then, when everyone had been messaged and she was virtually being pushed out the door as they had to close the building(!) she said "Just one more thing ... Mister Stubborn down there by the wall ... I just want to say one thing to you" - and she gave an address; a door number, a street name and a place name in Liverpool - and said "Does that mean anything to you?" 

I looked at him and his mouth had nearly dropped to the floor,  his eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of their sockets.   That was it.  Then the people all started thronging out the door.  I looked around for him but couldn't find him in the crowd.  I was waiting outside on the pavement when he eventually arrived, and he told me that he had gone to speak to her afterwards to ask if he could get a one-to-one reading with her.  Unfortunately, that wasn't possible as she told him she was on tour and off to Italy the next day.

He then told me that the address that she had called out right at the very end was the exact address in Liverpool where he was born and where he had lived for the first 14 years of his life. (He was then 27 and living in London.)
And only that had convinced him.  That medium was genuine.  Her name was Marion Dampier-Jeans.

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Re: Marion Dampier-Jeans

Post by Candlelight.kk on 3rd May 2017, 09:50

From the Psychic Register  (21st May 2012)

Born in Denmark in 1950 Marian relocated to England in 1969.  In Denmark there has been a long spiritualist tradition, with many world class mediums being produced there.  It is a country with lots of spiritualist churches and development centres, including areas of parapsychological study.  So leaving this behind to enter the stuffy and somewhat staid spiritualist scene in England was something of a culture shock.  Trying to become accepted with the British Spiritualist church was a fight she wasn’t expecting.

A Less than Warm Welcome

Marion started work in the Spiritualist churches in London when she was 19, but she found her reception there more than just unwelcoming or unfriendly it was a very hostile one.  These churches had traditionally picked a medium from their own ranks to lead the church, someone whom everyone agreed was best for the job whether they actually had the right skill set or not.  The thought that this young foreigner, a mere nineteen years old, could come here from Denmark and start leading things was very unwelcome.  As a result she was asked to leave some of the churches she attended before they got to experience just what her skills were.  Marion never studied or developed her psychic skills in open circle or as a part of any spiritualist church but by working directly with spirits and following their guidance and advice.

Gaining Reputation

By working in the churches when the expected medium cancelled Marion soon established herself as a reputable medium and anything but a threat to the established spiritualist church.  Once the initial hostility to her working in the churches passed she was viewed as being a breath of fresh air in the church.  A few realised her potential and because of their initial faith in her abilities as a medium, she continues to work in them as and when she can.  Marion has worked in Spiritualist churches under the umbrella of the National Spiritualists Union for forty years now, as well as in the Greater Worlds Christian Spiritualist Churches and many independent temples, churches and halls.

In the Media

Marion has written several well received books and has made it onto Denmark’s best seller list.  She has also appeared many times on Danish Television, as well as all across Scandinavia.  She has appeared on American television in ‘Sightings’ on the Fox network and also on British TV.  Marion has made numerous radio broadcasts in many different countries explaining her work and what she does, she also travels extensively to promote her work.

Moving Forwards

Marion still gives up to three private reading a day at her home in Waterloo, London.  People come to her from all walks of life looking for answers, advice and guidance.  She is saddened by the way the Spiritualist church in the UK has declined and places a lot of the blame on the way that we live life today, always on the move with little time to sit and listen to spirits and serve the spiritual cause.

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Re: Marion Dampier-Jeans

Post by JDBP on 3rd May 2017, 09:52

I think the point is that as a person due to the circles she mixes in, people she has vouched for and claims a real, leaves her a laughing stock with no credibility.

I am sure you prefered I didn't know of her associations with Warren Caylor and Victor Zammitt aren't you!

Afterall Zammitt was so pissed off at me, he spent years impersonating me all over the internet!

Why do you try to hide all the details from me?
When will you realise I am simply unmatched, I found out everything!!

Its like trying to tell someone that the most charitible person on the planet is Jimmy Saville, and forgetting to mention his horrific paedophilia! And expecting no one to find out!

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