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How does Mediumship work?


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How does Mediumship work?

Post by Candlelight.kk on Wed 03 May 2017, 09:41

(originally posted 04 Mar 2015)

I came across Geof Jowett's site a little while ago, following an Edgar Cayce quote which brought me to one of Geof's monthly messages on his Blog.  That message was entitled Continuous Communication - where this spiritual medium was putting into words a descriptive explanation of his involvement as a mediator who passes on messages to people from their loved ones in spirit.
"Often I am asked what is it like to do a reading and to receive messages from the ‘other side’ or the world of spirit. Allow for me to share with you the process I use to prepare and execute a mediumship reading." .....
His words resonated with  me, and I enjoyed reading through back monthly messages on that site - and, with an interest in seeing how things progress with him, I set a request for future monthly messages to arrive in my inbox as and when they are posted.

This month's message particularly resonated with my own understanding of mediumship; what a medium actually is, and in very simple terms, how it actually works.

A Medium

“Something in between.”

“A particular form or system of communication.”

“The materials or methods used by an artist.”

 You are a what??? One of the most charming aspects of being a ‘medium’ is the responses I get from people when they learn about my ability to hear, feel, and see spirits and comprehend their messages. In my life experience, I have found so few people that really know what a medium is and what mediumship is about. Allow me to help clarify my practice so that I may better serve you and so that you may learn that whether you are a large, medium, or small you are a soul having the human experience.

The Wikipedia definitions shared at the beginning of this essay, are interesting because they all include aspects of what a medium is. Let me explore each statement with you in regards to my role as a medium.

First though, it is important to review the philosophy of spiritualism. The foundation of mediumship is the universal law that life in eternal and that the existence and personal identity of a soul continues after the change called death. Death only occurs to the physical body but the soul remains alive forever; it cannot be created or destroyed. The main purpose of mediumship is to remind you of the divine law of love. Love is all there truly is and your task is to remove all barriers you have build up against the idea that you and everyone are love. Love is your purpose for being!

“Something in between.”

 A medium is the intermediary of specific messages from the higher vibrational spiritual plane to the lower vibration of the physical plane. Your loved ones in the spirit plane provide specific clues or evidence to let you identify them and then inspirational messages to encourage, support or clarify your life purpose. Note that a medium is not necessary for you to carry your messages to your loved ones in spirit. Your loved ones in the spiritual plane hear and feel you whenever you call their name. It is such a pleasure to be the messenger from one loving soul to another.

It should be noted that a psychic is a person that can see and feel the energetic signals that you broadcast or carry in your auric field such as emotions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, etc… A psychic obtains their information using their own intuition and can make predictions based on what they feel about your energy. Mediums are psychics but relay on obtaining their information from your loved ones that are in the spiritual plane.

 “A particular form or system of communication.”

 There are two major types of mediumship: physical and mental. Physical mediumship is the manipulation and transformation of energy to cause a sound, movement, or result that is perceived by your physical senses. For example, the voice of the incarnate spirit might come through, or they might move your keys, flicker your lights, or present the aroma of a scent associated with them.

I practice mental mediumship, which involves three main forms of communication. My strongest form of mental mediumship is clairauditory. I can hear spirit speak from their high vibration and therefore it is easy for me to do phone readings and hear specific messages. With mental concentration I can hear with my ‘intuitive ears’ spirit speak and in certain circumstances I can hear accents, sounds associated with what they enjoyed or where they worked, or songs they liked. To hear and then know the meaning and feeling associated with the sound is important in conveying the messages to you.

A second from of mental mediumship is called clear seeing or clairvoyance. With my visions I can see images, symbols, or signs and know their specific meanings. Your loved ones in spirit like to choose special associations that they shared with you or had a passion for themselves. A grandma that liked to bake may present pies, cookies, or cakes, a grandpa that liked to build things may present his tools, a child that enjoyed music may present musical instruments, or a mom that was a banker may show money and checks as visual evidence for you to identify them.

The third form of mental mediumship is clairsentience, which is another term for clear feeling. Here I experience sensations within my solar plexus or heart centers (gut feeling) or sensations on the surface of my body (mostly my arms and shoulders). I can also obtain information through my sense of smell and taste with clairsentience. During a reading your loved ones may provide the scent of roses if they had a passion for gardening, or the smell of fresh cut grass if they enjoyed time in the yard. Creatively, your loved ones in spirit may manifest the taste of a specific food they enjoyed within my mouth or they might present a feeling of a fear or joy they cared within them when they were here. I can often feel their body locations where the discomforts of disease or injury may have affected them.

“The materials or methods used by an artist.”

 My scientific mind often takes me to the logistics and deeper meaning of the messages presented by spirit. What is of great value though, is for you to validate the evidence and inspirational messages presented to you with your feelings. If something does not feel right to you, you not accept it. Take time to reflect on your messages and feel the associations with them to your loved ones. One of the great benefits of a reading is that your loved ones in spirit will validate what you already feel and help you develop a means of communication with you using specific signs, for example, a butterfly, the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, pizza, a kite, irises, coins, or a specific term of endearment. Feel your messages because spirit communication is all about feeling your loved one.

I have discovered that what is most fascinating about the messages provide from your loved ones in spirit, is the level of genius and pure creativity. The artistic quality and creativity used to present specific heart felt messages and awesome signs demonstrates the great level of originality that goes in to the loving messages gifted to you from spirit.

Remember that your loved ones in spirit are always communicating with you through the song on the radio, the people presented to you in your day-to-day life, the things presented in your daily path. Be open, be still, reflect and connect. Loving messages are all around you.

Thanks for trusting me with being the ‘middleman’ in your communications with your loved ones in spirit. It is a pleasurable gift to bring you tiding from the higher vibrational loving and compassionate world of spirit.

Geof's site can be found here:

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Re: How does Mediumship work?

Post by JDBP on Wed 03 May 2017, 09:43

How does Mediumship work?

Depends on your definition of what a Medium does.

As of right now mediumship is defined as the act of pretending to talk to the dead.

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