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Post by mac on 14th December 2018, 22:14

Candlelight.kk wrote:
mac wrote:So who is Atwater that we'd ever consider his ideas?

P.M.H. Atwater is a she.  Her website is actually linked in her name in the quote above from her:

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., ( and ( is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978. She is one of the very few top NDE researchers who have actually had an NDE. Her website is filled with very interesting NDE research information and articles of hers. Her contribution to near-death studies is considered to be one of the most important as her first two books, Beyond the Light and Coming Back to Life, are deemed the Bibles of the near-death experience by researchers and a multitude of experiencers and enthusiasts. Using her firm understanding of police investigative techniques as a protocol, she has specialized in original fieldwork and research that also included sessions with significant others. Her findings are contained in her books. Some of her findings have now been clinically verified. Her research is referenced in the distinguished Lancet medical journal, December 15, 2001 (the landmark Dutch study by Pim van Lommel, M.D.).

thanks - I didn't spot the link 'til I just took a look.

I'm not persuaded that NDE researchers have anything much to tell us about the so-called afterlife though.  We've been having the most recent argument about that over the past week or so on ALF where a new member was trying to peddle a personal NDE claim - and book - of his return from death after 8 days.

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Post by Candlelight.kk on 11th April 2019, 17:02

More from Charlie Kelly, as it turns out - celebrating his 40th Birthday (yesterday). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Charlie!  Charlie Kelly - Medium - Page 2 Happy-11

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The Path to Mediumship - What path is better for me?

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