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Albert Best

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Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:27

(originally posted on 28 Aug 2012)

Albert Best (1917 - 1996), a Medium who came from Northern Ireland born in Belfast on the 2nd December 1917, sadly Albert's mother Died when he was young was then brought up by his adopted Grandmother another Mrs Best, some say it was his father's mother. [The confusion arises because Albert was a quiet retiring man about his personal affairs]. He lived with Mrs Best and her four daughters who were a lot older than him they then went on to have families of their own, in their own houses, he still classed them as his sisters. Mrs Best then brought him up on her own within her very strong Christian beliefs in [the Orange] Church of the Church of England.

Albert did not have a very happy childhood [he did not want to dwell or share that information with others he knew], being very sensitive and at the time scared of the Spirits he felt around him. His first experience he remembers of seeing the Spirit World was at the age of seven, He told of the man standing at the top of the his grandmother's stairs the man was carrying a lit lamp and the thing that stood out for him was the man had string tied around his legs just below the knees. [this was to stop the rats and mice running up your legs when cutting the fields of cereal crops]. Albert told his Grandma she only said to him that he had eaten too much cheese. After leaving her in the living room he heard her say "father go away, you are frightening the boy"  His grandma must have believed it was the grandfather Albert saw, but he had never met him as he had died before Albert was born. He said from that day on he was never frightened of the Spirit World again, and so the voices which he heard occasionally did not upset him but he did not tell anyone otherwise they would have thought he was going mad, and subsequently be institutionalised.

Before he left school old Mrs Best died and being on his own he had to lodge with one of his sisters. Round about that time he was talked into going to a Spiritualist church by his friend who was a little older than him and had a job of cleaning windows. At the service a Medium on the platform told him he would wear a uniform and go to Africa.

On leaving school when he was 14, he started in a rope factory. About this time Albert was going on long walks in the countryside to be alone with the Spirit Voices and was being guided by them in their two way conversations. They always brought him comfort and reassurance.

One of his sisters moved over to Scotland into the picturesque town of Irvine, so Albert decide he would like to go and see her and stayed for a quite a while. On returning to Northern Ireland he attended a Belfast Spiritualist Church were he was told by he platform Medium he had the energy around him in the form of lights which she saw and he she told of his guide who was giving him guidance, He was invited to join their regular Development Circle in which a lot of sitters saw and confirmed the presence of the wonderful coloured lights around him.

One evening he had gone to the cinema and standing the queue he saw a girl he like and started chatting to her they sat together he found out she was a Catholic and him being a Protestant [at that time the both religions did not get on in Northern Ireland and there were many fights even killings on both sides] They did not care as they had fallen in love, so in a few weeks of meeting they went to St Anne's Cathedral Church in Belfast to see the priest and just a few weeks after that Albert and Rose were married very quietly with only bystanders from the streets as their witnesses, no relatives.

When World War Two started, Albert was 22 then so he decided to join the Enniskillen Fusiliers.  Rose stayed in Northern Ireland with her family in the Belfast area of New Lodge. Albert ended up in Algiers Africa in 1940. He was amongst the the troops who had the task of clearing the Goubellet plain of gun emplacements just beyond no-man's land and at the time the Germans were holding the ridge to the south of Tunis, the allies were on a ridge to the north. When Albert heard the name of Goubellet he remembered something his other grandma said to him the one and only time he ever met her when he was about 14, she had told him, "You will be a widower by the age of 24, I have not seen you all my life but I will be there with you in Goubellet."  During the battle Albert was wounded the Germans left him for dead next to eight of his platoon who had perished, a voice came to him and said "get up" he did so but as he stood and started walking the shocked Germans did not get him that time but later he was captured and ended up in a Prisoner of War Camp, he would never speak about the terrible times he endured at the hands of his capturers.

When he was in Africa, Rose was at home in Belfast with their three children.

When he was released Albert got sent home, sadly he was told on his arrival that Rose, her family and his children had  perished in a massive bombing raid on Belfast when 1000's of innocent victims died. Albert grieved for his loved one Rose and the children for the rest of his life but rarely speaking of it to others.

In 1943, Albert was medically discharged from the army  when he was 25. He then went back to Ayrshire, Scotland in 1944.

On arrival in Irvine, Albert took on the job as the local postman and later became friendly with a Spiritualist family, Mr George and Mrs Olive Williamson and their teenage daughter Olive (now known as Mrs Olive Field). Albert frequented their home from time to time and would enjoy their conversation and company. He was also introduced to a lady that lived just over the road from Olive's home named Mrs Cissie Swan, also a Spiritualist. She had six children and originated from Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Albert would often call in to chat with Cissie.

The Williams family, including young Olive and Albert, were invited to join the home Development Circle of Mrs Maggie Haffety in Irvine. Mrs Cissie Swan also sat within the circle. Albert sat with the circle for two years before moving on. Olive recalls Albert and Cissie later sitting in a Circle in Ayr and later working the Kilmarnock and Ayr churches.

(Kind thanks to Olive Field for sharing this information and memories)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In 1951 he attended the Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church, were he was given a book as a gift from Arthur Findlay called 'In tune with the infinite' by RALPH WALDO TRINE which was first published in 1897. Albert treasured this book and called it his bible, as it covered the philosophy of spiritualism.

Albert was invited into a Circle for development with the Kilmarnock Church and he was remembered as being a shy lad, who never shared or spoke of his former life in Belfast.
He sat with this Circle for sometime into the mid 50's before being introduced to Maurice Barbanell, the editor of Psychic News Newspaper, who helped him to work further a-field.

Albert was well known for his wonderful accurate mediumistic evidence during demonstrations. Having worked previously as a postman it seemed natural that the Spirit World would prove survival by giving details such as names and addresses along with other private details. Albert left no doubt in the recipient minds, and proved time and time again a person's spirit survives the death of the physical body. He was an extremely hard working Medium and admired and loved by many. Albert maintained he was no speaker and preferred someone more qualified to give the address during services, but still they loved to listen to his anecdotes about all the other wonderful Mediums he had known. As well as demonstrating Mediumship he gave spiritual healing to many during his life.

Later he met a retired businessman who had been so impressed by Spirit that he set up a healing room in his property. He approached Albert to work as his grounds-man as well as a healer and offered accommodation along with the job, which was a flat in Glasgow.

In 1965 the businessman's house caught fire, but the healing room remained untouched, the fireman couldn't believe it. The sanctuary was moved to another site and Albert worked there till 1982. Albert worked as a Trance Healing Medium and had three Spirit Helpers; Dr Wong, Hans and Ally. Approximately 24,000 people received treatments at the sanctuary during the 24 years it was open.

Albert's work took him to many places, even Africa and India, were he gave healing whilst there. It is reported that he visited a Witch Doctor and during a ritual Albert's wife Rose materialised before him and looked as alive as you or I, then dematerialised again, for Albert this was proof of the Spirit existing beyond death of the physical body, this gave him great comfort throughout the rest of his life. Albert Best last visited the Belfast Spiritualist Church in the 1980's and is still loved and remembered fondly. In 1994 the chairman of the Psychic Press paper, Mr Roy Stemman, on stage of the Lewisham Theatre, London made a presentation to Albert Best and named him the 1994 Spiritualist of the year. Albert often helped young mediums with their development and encouraged those, such as Gordon Smith and Colin Fry.

Albert Best was taken into hospital on the 2nd April 1996, soon after he slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness until the evening of Thursday 11th April when three Mediums went to visit him one being Gordon Smith, the others being Ann Docherty and Jim McManus, both Healing Mediums. They all stood in silence looking at Albert, Gordon became aware of a presence at the foot of the bed, he turned but no one was there physically but as they looked at Albert he began to stir. In that moment Albert opened his eyes turned his head to Jim and smiled, then he looked at Gordon and finally he looked up at Anne and tried to speak. No-one could make out what he had tried to say.

But again he repeated the statement and this time they heard him say "my wife is here and the children" his eyes turned to face the foot of the bed and his eyes opened wide, he smiled and lifted his head. His smile became bright, Gordon reports that in his minds eye he could visualize a young lady standing there slim build with long auburn hair.

Albert was transfixed. Albert's gaze went around all three of them, and then he spoke his last words. "They've come. You will have to let me go", Anne replied, "we were never holding you Albert", he gave one last smile then lowered his head gently to the pillow and closed his eyes. Albert remained in a coma until he passed to the Spirit's World side of life the following evening Friday 12 April 1996.

During his lifetime Albert Best was adopted by the people of Glasgow as one of their own. It was known in Spiritualist Circles, Albert hoped Gordon Smith the very good Mental Medium would carry on from him. Gordon is now making a name for himself as a very good Clairvoyant.

A lot of this information was collected by Lorraine Brill, Belfast Spiritualist Church

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Albert Best was a postman and a world famous Spiritualist Medium. He was also the uncle of footballer George Best.

Ann Kennedy was the wife of a Church of Scotland minister called the Rev. David Kennedy.

Ann Kennedy died while she was still in her forties.

Before Ann had died she had promised to try to find a way to contact her husband from beyond the grave.

Although it was against his religion, the Rev. David Kennedy contacted a Medium called Lexie Findletter. Lexie told David that Ann was trying to communicate with him.

A week later David was asleep at home. He was awoken by the sound of the phone ringing. He looked at the clock on the wall. He realised that he only had five minutes to prepare his sermon and find a clean collar. He lifted up the phone.

"Your wife Ann is with me," said a voice. "She tells me that your clean collars are in a bottom drawer of your wardrobe and the speech you prepared last year for this service is in the top drawer of your desk. Incidentally, my name is Albert Best."

David looked in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe and found the three clean collars.

Albert went on to say that Anne told him to tell David that he (David) needed to send to the laundry the 23 soiled collars which he had already accumulated in a special box where he kept his collars. When David counted the number of collars in his box, there were 23 in all.

More messages reached David in the days that followed. On one occasion Albert said that Ann had asked him to tell David to phone Ann's sister and ask about the ballet shoes. When David did so, Ann's sister was astounded that he knew about the private joke that had been a secret between Ann and her sister.


Gordon Smith, The Unbelievable Truth (2005)

David Kennedy, A Venture in Immortality (Colin Smythe, 1973).

From pierrejoubert.blogspot

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Albert Best held his wife and three children in his arms

I heard last week the fascinating psychic story of a Medium who has held his fully-materialised dead wife and children in his arms and shaken hands with his guides.

He is the well-known non-professional Glasgow Medium, Albert Best who, for 28 of his 53 years, has served Spiritualism with dedicated devotion.

The result is a well-deserved splendid reputation for his versatile mediumship.

Ever since his London debut at Acacia House, Acton, 1968, I have tried without success to interview him for a profile article.

I finally tied down this most diffident Medium to a lunch- hour appointment during his visit last week to the College of Psychic Studies.

Albert became aware of his psychic gifts at the age of nine. Several times he 'saw' an elderly man's spirit form around the house.

He told his grandmother, who reared Albert, that this strange visitor scared him. Now he realises she too must have been clairvoyant and recognised the entity.

During one 'appearance' he heard her say: "Go away, father. You are frightening the boy." So it was his great grandfather young Albert saw!

A psychic window-cleaner introduced the teenage potential medium to his local Spiritualist church.

He sat in a Developing Circle for five years, constantly fighting what was obviously impending trance. "It felt as though I had been chloroformed, but I always resisted losing consciousness."

When he finally succumbed he was told his guide had spoken through him for over an hour.

Belfast-born, brought up a Protestant, Albert married a Roman Catholic local girl when he was19. Their three children included twins.

While he was serving abroad tragedy struck. His wife Rose and the children were killed in the second German air raid on Belfast.

Albert told me he went on a 'mammoth bender' trying to forget his shattering bereavement. He could not face returning to his native Belfast.

As he had many friends there, Albert decided to settle in Glasgow. The double-Celt psychic, who reminds me of a benign gnome, has spent more time there than in his native Ireland. "I would not choose to live anywhere else," he said.

In Ayr and Glasgow he experienced memorable physical phenomena at private Home Circles. The first was with Alec Martin of Ayr, who passed on several years ago.

Albert had the joy of holding in his arms the fully-materialised forms of Rose and his three children.

I thought it strange he has never contacted them through his own mediumship. "I don't wish to," said Albert.

His Spirit Guides have also materialised and shaken hands with him.

Albert showed me bullet scars in his neck and left arm resulting from an injury for which he has a small army disability pension. He also draws a Civil Service pension.

After watching Albert demonstrate first-class clairvoyance at Acacia House last Saturday, I deplore his reticence. He regards this gift as secondary to his healing for which he holds three weekly sessions in Glasgow.

One outstanding message was for Jim Webster of Goldsmith Avenue, Acton. It was the first time he had seen Albert. The Medium asked if he knew a Wilson, giving a 72 Grange Road address.

Webster became emotional when Albert said this communicator always wore a flower in his buttonhole.

He told me later that his 'dead' brother Wilson had lived at the address given and was never without a rose in his buttonhole.

Albert said correctly that the man sitting next to Webster was his son.

Geoffrey Webster, 27, told me it was his first visit to a Spiritualist meeting. He was deeply impressed by Albert's clairvoyance.

The medium next got a connection with Holborn, and asked Webster if he was a boxer. "Who is Rafferty" asked Albert. "Did he break your nose?" Webster accepted this message as accurate.

He later showed me his broken nose, not immediately apparent, received in a boxing bout with Johnnie Rafferty at a Holhorn boxing match.

Israeli Meir Hed, 24, is working on a film project, a documentary on the London Spiritualist scene. His Dutch fiancée had a message from Albert at Acacia House.

Here are Albert's answers to some of Hed's questions: "I go through tortures before every demonstration. But once on the platform I become icy cool. I am not afraid of the 'dead' - only of Spiritualists!"

From "Psychic News" 1972.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This account was given to medium Gordon Smith by a Catholic priest who lives just outside Glasgow:

I was invited, along with some friends of mine who had joined together to form an ecumenical group to study and discuss religious matters, to attend a session of mediumship given by the late Mr Albert Best. The group met in Glasgow at the home of my friend who was hosting this session. I had been told by many members of the group who were familiar with the medium and his work that he could be quite phenomenal, but none of us could have ever expected what we were about to see.

Albert Best was a man of Irish origin, small in stature, who appeared, in my view, very shy. He seemed to be intimidated by the gathering of men and women in our group who were either of a religious or scientific background. Soon after the formal introductions, Mr Best sat in a large and very heavy-looking armchair at the far end of the well-lit sitting room, whilst the rest of the group were seated around the room in a sort of circle formation. Mr Best closed his eyes and fell into a sort of trance and a voice spoke through him in an accent which was hard to dintinguish as any exact nationality. He began to give what I believe was a message from the spirit on the other side to one of my colleagues, who was confirming what he was hearing when, without warning, the chair on which Mr Best was sitting began to shake furiously. Mr Best snapped out of his trance state and began to protest to unseen forces around him, saying, 'Stop that!' and 'Put me down!'.

If I had not been in the company of people who I consider sane of mind, I would not have believed my eyes, as the chair, along with Mr Best, lifted up till the little man's head was near ceiling height. No sooner had this happened that voices could be heard, which I can say came from no one seen sitting in that room. The chair slowly returned to the floor with Mr Best still calling out to the invisible forces around him and the session ended soon after. The medium explained that he was unharmed and never in any danger, but he did not like it when they played games like that just to impress people. He said that the spirits who had played this prank on him were men who had been part of his squadron during the war and who had died in Africa in 1943. This was Mr Best's account; quite honestly, I, along with the most of my group, even those among us with a background in physics, have absolutely no explanation for what we experienced.

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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:28

Best of Both Worlds
by Rosalind Cattanach

"The annals of Spiritualistic history abound with records of the work of many astoundingly gifted mediums and such history is most admirably enhanced with the story of Albert Best, his work and his life. Being of nature a man of simple tastes and pleasures, Albert Best was never content only to be psychically gifted enough to bring forth many amazing proofs of survival of the human personality beyond physical death, but always retained a deep and abiding sense of true compassion for the bereaved and for the sick. Demonstrating his mediumship privately or publicly Albert came through with some of the most astonishing details in proving communications between the world of spirit and world of the physical, but also he was the channel for countless outpourings of healing energy, so often bringing results in total defiance of medical prognostications. With all his modesty and simplicity of style, Albert was, also quite a colourful character and this story gives an all-round account of the life and work of a remarkable man, one I was proud to know as friend and colleague for over thirty years". - Don Galloway

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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:29

The foreword to the book, 'Best' of Both Worlds,  was written by Professor Archie Roy

I am glad to have been asked to write an introduction to this book of memories of and testimonials to Albert Best.  It is my great fortune to have known him for many years and so I feel it a privilege to have the opportunity to write these words and try to convey to the reader the high value I put on his mediumship and on his friendship.

It was John Macdonald, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages in the University of Glasgow, who, knowing of my long term interest in psychical research, first took me to Albert's house to meet him.  That first meeting, and a subsequent one, are described elsewhere in this book.  It is sufficient to say here that I latterly became convinced that I was in the presence of a man with a powerful psychic faculty.  As I got to know him better and our friendship grew, and as I watched him many times demonstrate from the platform of Berkeley Street church and elsewhere, my conviction deepened that Albert's mediumship was of superstar quality.  Whereas it is well known that many genuine mediums exhibit difficulty in grasping names, Albert would not only give relevant names quickly and clearly but also provide addresses to go with them.  When I got to know him better and learned the interesting fact that in his earlier life he had been a postman, accustomed to associating names and addresses for many years, I entertained the possibiity that his psychic gift utilised his years of conditioning as a postman.  There would no "fishing"; out would come the names and addresses, to the consternation of the recipients.

Many sceptics, who presumably have never sat with someone like Albert, will claim that his ostensible "hits" were guesswork, or cold reading, that is, the sneaky gathering of information from the appearance and response of the recipient, to be worked on and then trotted out as facts fed from "spirit".  To myself and those others who studied Albert's psychic abilities, such an "explanation" is laughably inadequate.  Facts, incidents, names, addresses were delivered with confidence before the recipient had even uttered a word.  At the very least, it was a demonstration of paranormally acquired information.

For many  years as a psychical researcher investigating spontaneous cases I was able to depend upon Albert's help.  From 1994 on, the Rev. Max Magee, Chaplain to the University of Strathclyde students, and I would be called out at times to help families who correctly or incorrectly believed themselves to be the victim of paranormal forces.  When we felt that a particular case had possibly paranormal overtones, we would take Albert to the location to see what he could detect.  We made a rule of never telling Albert anything of the case, not even which town we were going to.  It was astonishing when we got to the location how often he was able to describe in detail the situation.  One such case is described later in this book (chapter 7; Built In With The Bricks).  We learned to rely on Albert's kindness, his wish to help and the use of his psychic gift.  In later years after Max left Glasgow and I was fortunate after a time to enlist the help of Mrs Trish Robertson of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.  Trish and I were given similar unstinting help by Albert in cases we encountered.

Over the years my knowledge of and friendship with Albert Best developed.  And over the years I learned from others in how many different ways he used his mediumship to help the afflicted and the heartbroken of the world.  In the exercise of his mediumship he brought a lightening of the crushing load of bereavement to many people.

Nonetheless he was a difficult man to get to know well for he had a natural shyness and reticence about himself.  He could be irritating too when he brushed aside suggestions that his biography should be written, smiling in genuine modesty at the thought that it would be of value.  "Maybe someday," he would say to us, "but not yet."  He could also be irritating to his many close friends by his carelessness in looking afterhimself.  But some of us, knowingthe tragic and crushing blow delivered to him when he was a young man, thought we knew why.  As a young soldier in the second World War he returned home to Belfast to be given the shattering news that his wife and children had been killed in the Belfast blitz.  Many of us sensed that as a conequence his long journey through this life was essentially a lonely walktowards the day when he believed he would be reunite with them.

I can never think of Albert and the loss of his wife Rose and his children without thinking also of Arthur James Balfour, Prime Minister and present of the Society for Psychical Research , who in 1875 as a young man lost suddenly Mary Catherine Lyttlelton, the girl he loved and wished to marry.  Like Albert, he too never married. To a friend whose son was killed in the first World War, he wrote; "For myself I entertain no doubt whatever about a future life.  I deem it at least as certain as any of the hundred and one truths of the framework of the world ... it is no mere theological accretion, which I am prepared to accept in some moods and reject in others.  The bitterness lies not in the thought that those I love and have lost are really dead, still less in the thought that I have parted with them for ever; for I think neither of these things.  The bitterness lies in the thought that until I also die I shall never again see them smile or hear their voices.  The pain is indeed hard to bear, too hard it sometimes seems for human strength.  Yet, measured on the true scale of things it is brief; death cannot long cheat us of love."  Those words, I believe give an insight into Albert's behaviour and attitude to life.  Happy to be with his friends, glad to use his mediumship to help those in need, he still always maintained that certain reticence.

In this post-religious age many people, believing the materialist's claim that it has been proved scientifically that death is the end, have stoically resigned themselves to the bleak prospect of extinction when they die or accepted that they will never see their loved ones again.  Sadly such people do not appreciate that the study of genuine and gifted mediums like Albert Best by psychical researchers over the past century has at the very least shown conclusively that there is a part of a human being that can operate outwith the bounds of time and space and probably mortality itself.

Albert has gone now.  His life as a medium, healer, psychic detective is over.  Like many who knew him, I have lost a friend I held in high regard.  And so I am glad that this book, a tribute put together from many people's memories, will hopefully let others who never met him realise why we who knew Albert consider him simply to have been "The Best".

Archie E. Roy
August 1998

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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:30

The London Spiritual Mission
Friday Evening Talk

29th July 2016 7.00pm - 8.30pm
(Free will donation for animal charities)

The Work of Albert Best (1917- 1996)
A tribute on the 20th Anniversary Year of Passing
by Carol Wood

“A true servant of the Spirit World”
Eve Higgins1

[size=85]1 As cited in ‘Best’ of Both Worlds, Rosalind Cattanach, 1999, Pembridge Publishing.[/size]
Copies of this book are for sale in the Church Library.

Talk includes:
• Significant events in the history of spiritualism during Albert Best’s life (1917-1996).
• How Albert came into spiritualism and developed his gifts of healing & mediumship.
• What attracted Albert to the Empire Theatre, Belfast where one evening he met his future wife Rose Lavery?
• When and why did the Luftwaffe target Belfast, when 1000 were killed including Albert’s family, and 1,500 injured?
• What book, was given to Albert by the President of the Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church, John Findlay?
• What made Professor Archie E. Roy (1924 – 2012), Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Glasgow University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh commence his psychical research … what award did he later receive in 2004 for his outstanding contributions to psychical research and how did he meet Albert?
• Who were some of Albert’s many friends and what are their memories of him?

Previous talks:

6/11/15 - The Life and Times of Nan Mackenzie (1882-1985)

29/4/16 - Northcliffe, ‘Swaff’ & Barbanell and the earthly mission of Silver Birch

Next talk:

Friday 30th September 2016 7.00pm-8.30pm

Title: ‘Born to Heal’ - Harry Edwards
A tribute on the 40th Anniversary Year of passing

London Spiritual Mission
13 Pembridge Place
London W2 4XB
Phone: 020 7229 2024
Mob: 07930 362492
Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate
(District, Circle and Central Line)
Buses: 7, 23, 27, 28, 31, 52, 94, 328

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Re: Albert Best

Post by JDBP on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:49

I can say with utmost certainty that he was a fraud.

Happy poster
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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:51

JDBP wrote:I can say with utmost certainty that he was a fraud.

Utmost certainty? Hmmm ... That means you must have 100% evidence to back up your claim. So, come on then - let's be having it ...

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Re: Albert Best

Post by JDBP on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:53

Candlelight.kk wrote:
JDBP wrote:I can say with utmost certainty that he was a fraud.

Utmost certainty? Hmmm ... That means you must have 100% evidence to back up your claim. So, come on then - let's be having it ...

If I had said
"I can say with utmost certainty that a flying elephant called Steve did NOT just fly past the Queens bedroom window, singing the Macerena, while wearing a tutu"

Would you demand 100% evidence for me to back up the claim?

Did you know that the exact same amount of evidence exists that Albert Best was genuine as exists for that flying Elephant!

So with that total and complete lack of evidence, I can say with utmost certainty that he was a fraud.
HOWEVER if someone was to want to prove me wrong, they would only need to show me a single piece of evidence that he was genuine, for example him passing a CREDIBLE scientific test. Hell a video of him performing his mediumship, unedited to a crowd full of strangers would also be good. And with that I would show you how he did it.

Oh and the FACT that mediumship is statistically improbable, means that I can say with utmost certainty that ALL mediums, past and present are frauds, either eyes open or eyes closed.

And annoyingly for you, there is not a damned thing you can say or do to prove me wrong, where as 100% of "evidence" you present to argue your case, I can 100% show to be faked, thus confirming my stance even further, and you know that.

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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:55

Nothing annoying about that '[non]answer' at all Rolling Eyes . In fact, it's just precisely the sort of reaction I had expected from you - totally ignoring the point in question and going off on a tangent with some nonsensical silliness about flying elephants ...
Some small comfort I suppose that at least you didn't bring the heard-it-all-before pink and blue spotted flying spaghetti monster into your little rant - but then that particular strawman fallacy has become a little bit outdated now.

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Re: Albert Best

Post by JDBP on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 20:59

Candlelight.kk wrote:Nothing annoying about that '[non]answer' at all Rolling Eyes . In fact, it's just precisely the sort of reaction I had expected from you - totally ignoring the point in question and going off on a tangent with some nonsensical silliness about flying elephants ...
Some small comfort I suppose that at least you didn't bring the heard-it-all-before pink and blue spotted flying spaghetti monster into your little rant - but then that particular strawman fallacy has become a little bit outdated now.

I am not a Pastafarian and do not talk about the flying spag monster. My usual is the invisible flying Loch Ness Monster smoking a cigar, I thought I would try to change it up, oh and that is not a strawman either.

I actually answered your question, but you didnt understand my point, and was basically using the old "well you cant prove it isn't real" argument, which is what lets you down every time.

Bit like when people say "if we evolved from apes, why are their still apes" That argument is probably just as ignorant and point missing as yours

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Re: Albert Best

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 21:04

Candlelight.kk wrote:
The London Spiritual Mission
Friday Evening Talk

29th July 2016 7.00pm - 8.30pm
(Free will donation for animal charities)

The Work of Albert Best (1917- 1996)
A tribute on the 20th Anniversary Year of Passing
by Carol Wood

I missed it!  crybaby   I actually went along on the Saturday night thinking I was going to the talk about Albert Best ('Friday Evening Talk' - Durrr ...  obgob ).  Turned out to be the Animal Charity evening that was happening on the Saturday (for which I already had a ticket and was planning to go to - as well).   I really enjoyed the event, where mediums Peter Geekie, Gordon Smith and Marie Lang each took turns on the platform in a demonstration of Mediumship, passing out wonderful messages of survival to the packed church audience.  Gordon and Peter, of course, I had already seen demonstrate before, but was the first time I had seen Marie Lang.  It was a pleasure to watch and listen to this lovely lady up on the platform, delivering messages of comfort and proof of survival to various people in the audience.  Even better ... I was the last person to be given a message at the end of the night - delivered through Marie Lang.  She immediately described my father who, she said, is with me always and whose presence she said I am often aware of around me.  (I was already aware that my Dad was there with me at that particular time).  She gave me lots of evidential pieces of information - not least one particular thing; the mention of surgery in the offing - that no-one, absolutely no-one around me, knows about other than the health professional who has spoken to me about it.  I have not even mentioned this option with anyone because I have already decided by myself that it is something I would rather not go through with.  This is the thing - she mentioned about this surgery, and then said "which of course is your option to choose whether or not you have it" - but she said there's a whole host of 'em (spirit) who want me to know that if I do decide to go through with it, they will all be around and that they will be with me every step of the way!   (Well, it's kinda nice (and comforting) to know that, but still not going to influence my decision in any way.)  There were lots of other specific things given in that message and overall it was a wonderful confirmational and evidential reminder to me of how our departed loved ones are still very much part of our lives here on this earthly plane.

That was supposed to be the last message of the night, and as Gordon was addressing all of us and thanking us for coming and explaining about the various animal charities that would benefit from the evening, Peter sort of butted in to say he simply had to give one last message to two ladies there.  (As Marie had been speaking to me, he (Peter) had been getting this communication to pass on to them.  The communicator had been very insistent and he reckoned he would never be forgiven had he not passed it through!)
Peter also confirmed to us at the end of the night that every single penny (from the sale of the tickets that night) would go directly to the charities concerned - and that the mediums had freely offered their services for this event, totally free of any charge whatsoever.

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