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J.J. Morse - Trance Medium


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J.J. Morse - Trance Medium

Post by Candlelight.kk on 28th April 2017, 17:11

(originally posted on 01 Jul 2013)

James Johnson Morse is regarded as one of Spiritualism' finest trance mediums. This 2009 expanded volume brings together six documents either by Morse himself or the 'Spirit Control' Tien Sien Tie.

The major part of this collection is the book "Practical Occultism" (1888), in which the whole field of mediumship is surveyed through a series of trance lectures. His 'spirit control' reveals a profound wisdom, not only in his analysis of mediumship and all its implications, but in his penetrating, spontaneous answers to questions.

This edition includes:

Practical Occultism - 1888
A Spirit Interviewed - 1894
Spirit Life and Labour - 1909
Physical Phenomena as a Basis for a Spiritual Religion - 1912
The Modern Hell - 1913
The Enigma of Death - 1915


A survey of the whole field of mediumship
Through the trance mediumship of J. J. MORSE  [1848-1919]


    Preface to First Edition (p.7)- Lecture I. The trance as the doorway to the occult. Its magnetic, natural, and spiritual forms of induction (15)- Lecture II. Mediumship: its physical, mental, and spiritual conditions (33)- Lecture III. Mediumship (continued): its foundation, development, dangers, and advantages (48)- Lecture IV. Magic, sorcery, and witchcraft (65)- Lecture V. The natural, spiritual, and celestial planes of the second state. (80)- Lecture VI. The soul world; its hells, heavens, and evolutions. (93)- Lecture VII. Life, development, and death in spiritland (108)- Answers to questions (123)

Full publication can be read online here:

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