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John Holland

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(originally posted on 30 Aug 2012)

John Holland, author of The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium,
talks to Psychic News 
and offers a glimpse into his work as a medium
I'd certainly not describe myself as an ordinary man, in that I don't get up and go to work in the morning, sit at a desk all day, work in a shop, or anything like that. When I get up, my days are quite different. A totally different language governs my whole world rather than what many people are probably used to. It's a special language that transcends time and space - a language that's not constrained by the limitations of mere words - but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy and thought. A language that can only be heard when one truly listens. It's the language of The Spirit Whisperer, which in my case is another way of describing myself as a medium.

In my first book, Born Knowing, I explained how I came to terms with, and learned to accept and embrace my spiritual gifts as a psychic medium; and how people could develop their own intuitive psychic abilities. I was born in the tough suburbs of Boston, USA, and like many kids around my area, I coped with a difficult childhood. Except that in my case my family and society ridiculed me, leaving me often feeling isolated due to my psychic abilities. I refused to acknowledge my gift until a near-fatal car accident amplified my abilities to the point where I had to learn how to control what was once pushed away.

Drawn by the history and knowledge of Spiritualism in England, I eventually spent two intensive years in the UK training to be a medium in the British Spiritualist organisations, which I humorously refer to as Spirit Boot Camp! Eventually, I gained acceptance and respect within this tightly knit, often-conservative spiritual community and was a frequent student at the Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted (pictured below). In all my books, I really try to remove the "psychic babble" by dispelling some of the mystery and myths regarding mediumship.

In my latest book, The Spirit Whisperer - Chronicles of a Medium, I pick up the story of my personal journey of growth and development. The Spirit Whisperer chronicles my career to date and includes some enlightening and heartfelt real-life stories of personal experiences and readings. I candidly discuss readings with clients (including those who've had their own after-death communications), from the sometimes outrageous to the profound.
I also explain the signs and symbols that our loved ones continually try to send us. One of my favourite sayings is that those on the Other Side want to talk to us as much as we want to talk to them. I also divulge for the first time some of the extraordinary paranormal occurrences I've witnessed throughout my career.

People on the Other Side want to share our lives with us. As a medium, I must have done thousands of sittings where spirits have come through to acknowledge that they were around their loved ones during difficult times, and were able to lend their support and strength. Of course, they don't just visit when the going gets tough. By the same token, I often receive evidence that spirits were there to see their children get married, or witness the birth of a baby or a daughter's graduation. Holidays and special occasions are also big for them - they want to see us happy and like to take part in that joy. After all, if they were here physically, it goes without saying that they'd be present at these important events. Being in spirit doesn't change the fact that they're still our family and care about us.
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