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Psychic News - October 2020 issue


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book Psychic News - October 2020 issue

Post by Candlelight.kk Fri 2 Oct 2020 - 22:33

Psychic News - October 2020

Psychic News - October 2020 issue Cover126-October-2020-FRONTPAGE

Inside the FREE October 2020 issue of Psychic News:
Use your Chinese medicine personality type to solve life’s problems.
An exclusive article from author Jean Hanner, an expert on Chinese medicine.

You will also find these fascinating articles:
Native American wisdom - Some beautiful thoughts from Native Americans to soothe our souls during these trying times.
Medium Darren Brittain tells how an orange proved a “dead” mother’s survival.
Medium gives policeman arresting evidence with SNU minister Val Williams.
Portraits of the living ‘dead’ - Barbara White explores psychic art and receives a spirit portrait of her young son.
Forms seen at séance - PN’s founding editor Maurice Barbanell describes an astonishing séance at which the “dead” fully materialised.
Graham has novel idea for a book - this month sees the release of PN columnist Graham Jennings’ first book.
Photo confirms identity of woman seen in dream with medium Alison Wynne-Ryder.

In the news:
In Two Worlds Are One - A psychic who helps the police, an “unlucky” house and two “Coronation Street” stars all make the news. 
Union plans to hold its first ever virtual AGM this month.
Judge awards medium over £50,000 after tripping on sunbed.
Birmingham comes top of survey seeking psychic services.
Medium ‘saw’ second wave of coronavirus in advance.

It’s back! Our monthly Sudoku competition. This month we have ten copies of Denise Linn’s “Sacred Destiny Oracle” as prizes.

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